Common Errors With The Evasi0n iOS 6.x Untethered Jailbreak And Solutions

With the Evasi0n iOS 6.x Untethered Jailbreak reaching 100,000 downloads within the first 10 minutes, it is safe to say this will be a record breaking Jailbreak in terms of the sheer numbers of Jailbroken devices. As there is a ton of new Jailbroken devices, along with people who have never Jailbroken before I thought it would be good to cover some of the common errors associated with Evasi0n and the iOS 6.x Untethered Jailbreak as a whole.

Along with any new Jailbreak tool release and Jailbreak release in general there is always some bugs that get brought up along with common occurrences. In this article we will take a look at some of the most common errors with the iOS 6.x Untethered Jailbreak and provide solutions.

Fixing Common Errors With Evasi0n iOS 6.x Jailbreak And Cydia

Cydia Is Not Loading And Packages Not Installing

The most common error people are experiencing right now is problems with Cydia. This involves either Cydia not being able to download tweaks / themes (packages) or Cydia not loading whatsoever. This is the most common error that we see when any new big Jailbreak is released and it is simply due to the amount of people trying to access Cydia and download packages. There is unfortunately not solution to this problem besides waiting it out and trying again later. Generally within 24-48 hours Cydia will run at full steam again.

Evasi0n Doesn’t Recognize My Device

Evasi0n doesn’t recognize your device eh? Well, if this is the case it is likely because you did an over-the-air update to whatever firmware version you are running now. To fix this you will need to backup your device and then re-update to iOS 6.1 using iTunes. More information on this can be found in our official Evasi0n preparation guide. If, after doing this, Evasi0n still does not recognize your device, make sure it is supported, restart your computer and switch USB ports.

Evasi0n Fails And Is Not Working

This is a pretty vague statement, but generally if Evasi0n is not functioning correctly it is because you have a Passcode on your device or iTunes opened during the Jailbreaking procedure. Ensure that you disable the Passcode lock on your device and DO NOT touch your computer during the Jailbreaking process. If you are still experiencing troubles doing a fresh restore to iOS 6.1 will likely fix your troubles.

Evasi0n Is Stuck At “Patching Kernal”

Pod2G sent out a tweeted earlier explaining that if your device is stuck displaying “patching kernel”, you can press Power plus Home for a long time to force a reboot. You can then try re-Jailbreaking your device keeping in mind the suggestions explained in the previous point if you run into troubles again.

Those are the most common errors I came across over Twitter and reading through comments on our website. If you have any other troubles let us know in the comments section and I will try my best to help you out.

UPDATE #1: Cydia and Evasi0n errors caused by server overload, more information is available by clicking here.

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  • dabinder

    The jailbreak also installed stock weather app on my Ipad 4. I think this is also a bug.

  • NJayk

    When i was stuck at patching kernal, i did a hard reset (as said above) and didn’t have to rejailbreak, cydia was already good.

  • sam

    I had the problem after the jailbreak on 4s ios 6.1 I restarted my iphone but get a boot loop at the apple symbol, please help ????

  • techdep

    It’s “kernel”, not “kernal”.

  • J5ff

    Windows won’t run evasi0n. it says: “Run this app as administrator” and closes the app.

  • danifmoura

    no appsync 6.1?

  • Vico Pelaez

    Device stucked at apple logo when turned off and back on after jailbreak

  • Albertoqz

    same problem!

  • Vico Pelaez

    Guess we will need to restore and try again…

  • The Slug

    Can’t install apps. Ne1 have a solution for this?

  • Vico Pelaez

    Got it working… Put device in DFU mode and then plug it to your computer it should turn on as usual.

  • danifmoura

    appsync 6.0+ will work on 6.1???

  • Wissam Nasser

    I have the same as Sam . I have a Iphone 5 and my friend has the same to (Iphone 4S)
    After Jailbreak we have cydia on our home screen and when we reboot our iphone’s run in to a boot loop … :'( Please help !

  • sammy

    ill will try it, im on the way to restore it… thx

  • Morten Bratseth

    hold down home and powerbutton until it reboots :-) as simple as that! This is called a hard reboot.

  • Vico Pelaez

    Posted the solution under my comment there… hope it helps! Try it a few times before restoring.

  • Robin Romeo

    mine got stuck at kernelpatch and i rebooted and cydia was there n everything working just simple errors now im assuming for the over crowding

  • siwy

    need appsync for iOS 6.1!!!

  • Andrew

    No. :/

  • henry

    evasi0n installed fine, i have cydia, and i’m getting the cydia flooding message like everyone else which i am okay with, but i’m wondering why it won’t let me install cracked ipas through itunes / ifunbox like i used to be able to with my older jailbroken ipod. is this feature not implemented in to evasi0n?

  • henry

    wait never mind i foudn out thats what appsynch is

  • danifmoura

    :( no appsync??? so jailbreak sucks bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • hashem


    when program how click once on the jailbreak icon
    jailbreak icon dont appear on screen ?
    what is problem ?
    ios 6.1 / iphone 5

  • Victory

    Me 2

  • D

    Is anyone else having problems with the Mac download? I’ve downloaded it a few times and continue to have it unexpectedly quit. I’m running on OS X 10.5.8.

  • FuckApple

    Hackulous is closed and so is installous and appsync but there are some alternative around you need to look harder though.

  • J5ff

    You can still install iOS tweaks. Just for instelliscreen, sbsettings, grooveshark, anylockapp, autoprotect, copic, igotya, merge, multiflowpdf printer for safari, shrink and switchy it’s worth it.

  • graanco

    Awesome…. Boy I feel for cydia 30 million users trying to get in….

  • jailhater

    No “appsync” for 6.1 unthetered!!! come on…That’s a big shock… How do I test cracked app? That’s the reason many guys like me jail break!!!! My months long wait was waste…. Evaders.. please ,please release appsync for 6.1….

  • Tiko

    cydia error netdb open nodename nor servname provided or not known

  • jhater

    I am totally shocked. No “appsync” for 6.1 unthetered!!! Suddenly this huge acheivement half backed… i can’t test all those cracked apps out there…bohohoooo

    ..i’ll return try to get 5.1 jailbreak somehow….

  • Luke Sheardown

    Stop bitching about appsync.. Jailbreaking is meant for customization and tweaks NOT pirating apps for free!!!

  • jExplorer

    Guys, Have anybody tested if appsync 5+ , which is the lastest version available on cydia works on this evasi0n ios 6.1 jailbreak?
    Please share your experiance stalling appsync 5+ on this…

  • jExplorer

    @twitter-47011398:disqus Well.. it may be your view of jailbreaking. Many guys like me jailbreak for both purpose. I test app in cracked mode but in fact I also buy that app when I am satisfied… AppStore is full of lot of crap apps….can’t just buy crap and then cry…..

  • The Slug

    Partial Success. Installed OpenSSH. Installed Cyberduck for Mac. Connected to iPhone, uploaded app to applications folder. (var/Applications) Still awaiting instructions on how to install apps using iTunes.

  • Patrick

    You’re all extremely pathetic and EMBARRASSING. Crying over no Appsync! THEY SHUT DOWN, and the point of jailbreaking ISN’T PIRACY. GET OVER IT. If you can take a $200+ dive to buy the iDevice, I *THINK* you can spare a dollar or two on an App Store app. This is for @twitter-95477225:disqus @fa886ec8a406ec49598404811d1b7e8a:disqus @24de5d0fcd72d7a23d6540ea64cbca2d:disqus (jailhater, you just went full retard; why the hell would the evad3rs help people that they’re fighting??)

  • Ronnie C biggington

    thats the same one i got any word on how to fix it

  • gracie

    unable to run the app in windows. gives the error “you must run this app as administrator”. even if i ran the app as admin. so sad :-(

  • Anything

    This jailbreak messed up my iPhone 5 when I restarted it says SIM card not valid

  • Farids

    Give it time. The untethered jailbreak was just released hours ago. Now, the boys and other main developers have time to fix bugs and work on other things like appsync and the major tweaks. This is not Apple where thousands of highly paid developers are working round the clock to fix problems. Give it time, and our bright boys will make it work like they always have :-)

  • Farids

    To fix time zone problem, go to settings/general/time & Date and turn off “Set automatically”

  • The Slug

    Ne1 know why others are having problems installing apps using iTunes?

  • danifmoura

    I installed winterboard on Ipad mini and cydia resized to iphone like screen and I cudent do anything in cydia! so I restored the ipad mini. any1 encountered same problem with winterboard on ipad mini?

  • danifmoura

    yes tested and worked… use vshare or ifunbox ^^

  • Jason Moe

    im having the same problem
    have you resolved this?

  • p24

    My 4S keeps restarting in safe mode every few minutes… anybody else having this problem?

  • Toiletseatgoesdown

    Hi all :) I can’t get the evasi0n program to open, it just keeps saying “the application evasi0n has quit unexpectedly” I have downloaded from 4 different sources. Am running Mac OS X 10.5.8 – have disabled pads code, updated and backed up, tried opening with phone plugged in and not plugged in, iTunes is closed- is there any work around with this issue?any help would be greatly appreciated :D

  • David Bowlin

    Appsync 5 still works on 6.1 iPad 3

  • iPhone4SGuy

    The IOS 5.0 + Works just find for me (4s, 6.1)

  • iPhone4SGuy

    Works fine, use iFunbox, vshare or appcake

  • iPhone4SGuy

    Right click then Run as admin…

  • Kattman

    Yes I have!

  • Toiletseatgoesdown

    Ended up just using my parents computer to jailbreak, it seems to be common for people using Mac OS X 10.5.8 might be a compatibility issue… Good luck to anyone else out there with the same issue :)

  • Toiletseatgoesdown

    The only resolution that seems to be at hand is to use a different computer with updated software, appears to be a compatibility issue with 10.5.8 :/ good luck :)

  • ahmed

    after update to ios6.1 and jailbreak with evasion i am not able to send or recieve text massages. any solution plz guys

  • Fredy Castro

    So a question that is NOT about app sync, is anyone’s stock weather app crashing when you try to open it? :3