CameraWallpaper Tweak: Use Your iDevice’s Camera as Your Wallpaper!

Today a brand new tweak was released into Cydia called CameraWallpaper. This tweak as it’s name suggests, allows you to use your iDevice’s camera as your springboard wallpaper. It truly is a tweak that you must experience before you can get an understanding of how neat this tweak really is.

As soon as you are viewing your iDevice’s springboard you will be greeted with whatever is in front of you as your springboard wallpaper.You can even capture a picture anytime through CameraWallpaper, and keep that picture as a static background for as long as you like. Another cool aspect of CameraWallpaper is a menu system that has been added to let you control your SpringBoard’s camera. You can call this menu easily by assigning an activator event for it, thus making CameraWallpaper a breeze to operate. Take a look at CameraWallPaper in the YouTube Video below…

CameraWallpaper is a great tweak for anyone that is looking to add some individuality to their iDevice. It is also a great tweak if you want an easy and quick way to take pictures, that does not involve launching the camera app.

CameraWallpaper includes the following features:

  • Use your live camera as your wallpaper
  • Take a picture anytime from SpringBoard
  • Innovative control menu, activator-enabled
  • Toggle between front and rear camera
  • Turn the torch on/off
  • Set flash mode (auto,force-on,force-off) when capturing photos
  • Auto Focus
  • Auto Exposure
  • Auto WhiteBalance
  • Pause-resume camera
  • Auto-start modes
  • Battery saving options
  • Set video tranparency so you can see your wallpaper in the back
  • Set icons transparency

Now I know what you must be thinking…. what about battery life. Well to be honest this tweak is obviously going to drain your battery more than a static wallpaper, but considering CameraWallpaper is such a “heavy tweak”, CameraWallpaper isn’t too bad on your iDevices battery. If you are interested in CameraWallpaper it is available through Cydia for a price of $1.99. Let us know what you think of this new tweak!

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