iSHSHit: A New Method To Easily Save iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad SHSH Blobs

There are a couple methods for saving your SHSH Blobs; either through a desktop application like TinyUmbrella or simply through Cydia. Both these methods work, but wouldn’t it be even easier if there was a simple iPhone, Pod touch, iPad app that could do this? Well, luckily today a new utility was released into Cydia called iSHSHit, and with this new utility you can quickly ensure your SHSH Blobs are saved for your current firmware version. Once you save your SHSH Blobs with iSHSHit, you can even email yourself your SHSH blobs directly for backup storage, in case anything ever goes wrong…


One other great aspect of iSHSHit, is that it automatically uses the Cydia On File service in the background, so it’s a great way to ensure that your SHSH is stored by Cydia. Personally I am really liking iSHSHit, and I think I will continue using this great method for quickly and easily saving my SHSH Blobs. Oh, and did I mention… iSHSHit is free through Cydia, so grab it now.

UPDATE #1: How to save your iOS SHSH Blobs using iSHSHit [VIDEO]

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