Apple Working Hard To Ship All Watch Orders


The Apple Watch started shipping to customers on April 24th, but not all those who ordered have received theirs yet. Apparently there was more demand than there was supply and Apple is working hard to fix that. During the recent Q2 2015 Earnings Call, Apple CEO Tim Cook, stated that the Apple Watch demand is […]

Apple Watch Has A Power Reserve Mode, Will See A Widespread Launch


The date for the Apple Watch announcement has been set and Apple will finally reveal its pricing plans and other details on the Watch. March 9th we will see Apple trying to convince the world to buy the Apple Watch. CEO, Tim Cook, has been hinting on Apple Watch features such as Water Resistance, full […]

Apple Watch Will Replace Car Keys, Last A Whole Day On Charge According To Tim Cook


Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the company’s flagship retail store at Covent Garden in London earlier today. During the visit, while talking with the excited employees, the CEO revealed some new details on the Apple Watch. Just yesterday, the iPhone maker sent invites for a special event that will take place on March 9th. In a […]

CNN Names Apple’s Tim Cook CEO Of The Year

Tim Cook Apple CEO

After being named the CEO of the Year by Financial Times, Tim Cook is now being given the same honor by CNN. Thanks to a 40 percent rise in stock prices, CNN named him the CEO of the Year 2014. Tim Cook was also the runner-up in TIME’s Person of the Year awards. Apple, under the […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook ‘I’m proud to be gay’

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, shared today in an article he pinned for Bloomberg, that he is gay and he’s proud to be gay. This is a very powerful message, coming from a very powerful person. The article is well written and in it Tim Cook explains why he came out of the closet. Not […]

Tim Cook: Apple Repurchases $14 Billion Of Its Own Shares And “We’re Working On Some Really Great Stuff”

Tim Cook Apple CEO

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal Tim Cook has gone on to share some interesting details. First of all it was discovered that Apple repurchased $14 billion of its own shares which is part of the company’s buyback program it announced last year. So far Apple has bought back more than $40 billion […]

Tim Cook Wants To Lock Down On Secrecy, Issues Conduct Policy Video And Message

Tim Cook Interna Video

It looks like Apple CEO Tim Cook is tired of having product components leak out before they are officially announced and ruin the excitement behind Apple Keynotes as he has just sent employees a video message urging them to get familiar with Apple’s Business Conduct Policy. Despite the fact that Cook stated last year that […]

Tim Cook Reflects On The Two-Year Anniversary Of Steve Jobs’ Passing In Company-Wide Email

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 10.34.43 AM

Most of you probably know that tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing and it is sure to be an emotional day for many, both people who were close with Jobs and those looked up to him. To reflect on what Steve Jobs meant to Apple, CEO Tim Cook has sent out a […]

Tim Cook Gives Employees Thanksgiving Week Off And Applauds Their Work

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Considering the success of Apple’s new iPhones it isn’t surprising that Tim Cook is pleased. In fact he is so pleased with the performance of Apple that he is giving employees extended time off with pay during Thanksgiving. Obviously this will not apply to Apple’s retail and support teams, but the rest of Apple will shut […]

Reuters Profiles Tim Cook And Describes Him As Methodical And Unafraid Of Tough Decisions

Tim Cook And Steve Jobs

Despite Apple’s board of directors reportedly being deeply concerned with Apple’s lack of recent innovation and whether or not Tim Cook is fit for a CEO position, Reuters (via Cult Of Mac) has spent time painting the two-year veteran of Cupertino’s top spot as deft, methodical, and tough. Despite that fact that Cook has been known to […]