Apple Watch Has A Power Reserve Mode, Will See A Widespread Launch


The date for the Apple Watch announcement has been set and Apple will finally reveal its pricing plans and other details on the Watch. March 9th we will see Apple trying to convince the world to buy the Apple Watch. CEO, Tim Cook, has been hinting on Apple Watch features such as Water Resistance, full […]

Apple Watch Will Replace Car Keys, Last A Whole Day On Charge According To Tim Cook


Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the company’s flagship retail store at Covent Garden in London earlier today. During the visit, while talking with the excited employees, the CEO revealed some new details on the Apple Watch. Just yesterday, the iPhone maker sent invites for a special event that will take place on March 9th. In a […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook ‘I’m proud to be gay’

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, shared today in an article he pinned for Bloomberg, that he is gay and he’s proud to be gay. This is a very powerful message, coming from a very powerful person. The article is well written and in it Tim Cook explains why he came out of the closet. Not […]

Apple’s Q1 2013 Report: 2 Million Apple TV’s Sold, iCloud Users Grow To 250 Million


During Apple’s Q1 2013 Earnings Call that took place yesterday, Tim Cook revealed some details on Apple TV sales and iCloud users. Apple made $54.5 billion in revenue in Q1 2013, which is more than what it made last year and also beats Wall Street Journals predictions. The company made $13.1 billion in profit, which […]

Apple Posts Impressive Q4 2012 Results And Predicts A Revenue Of $52 Billion For Q1 2013


In the beginning of October Apple scheduled its 4th quarter earnings call on October 25th, and as such today the fruit company has released its Q4 2012 results. Apple has gone on to make a whopping $36 billion in revenue, and $8.2 billion in profit. The company itself only expected to make $34 billion in […]

CEO Of Apple, Tim Cook Made Close To $400,000,000 In 2011


Talk about a nice pay check. According to Apple’s 2012 proxy statement for their annual meeting of shareholders CEO of Apple, Tim Cook made a whopping $377,996, 537 in 2011. If you are wondering why Tim Cook made so much money in 2011 it is because of the 1 Million RSUs (restricted stock units that are a […]