Apple’s WWDC 2015 Kicks Off June 8th


Last week, Apple announced that they’ll be holding their annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 8th through June 12th at San Francisco’s Moscone West. This is Apple’s 26th developers Conference. At this years developer conference, Apple will be previewing iOS 9 and OS X 10.11. There’s also going to be over a 100 technical sessions, 1,000 Apple […]

Apple Posts Flat Q3 2013 Earnings: $35.3 Billion In Revenue And $6.9 Billion In Profit


Apple has announced its 3rd quarter results for 2014 today in a press release and it actually beat Wall Street’s estimates, but who knows what is going to happen to the Fruit Company’s stock price. Now let’s get into the juicy details shall we? Apple sold 31.2 million iPhones, which is actually a record for the […]

Yahoo Acquires Tumblr For $1.1 Billion And Promises Not To “Screw It Up”


In a surprising move today Yahoo has announced that they will be acquiring the micro blogging service Tumblr for $1.1 billion. In the press release this morning Yahoo has promised not to “screw it up” and has stated that Tumblr will still be operated as a separate business with David Karp remaining as CEO. Tumblr currently has more […]

Apple Posts Its Second Quarter Earnings And Has Announced It Has A $145 Billion Cash Pile

Apple headlines have definitely not been very pretty lately, and the company has been slagged more times than I can count. Will its second quarter financial results for 2013 change anything? As expected Apple has posted its second quarter results today and the company actually beat the Wall Street projections in nearly ever category. Apple made […]

Apple Posts Impressive Q4 2012 Results And Predicts A Revenue Of $52 Billion For Q1 2013


In the beginning of October Apple scheduled its 4th quarter earnings call on October 25th, and as such today the fruit company has released its Q4 2012 results. Apple has gone on to make a whopping $36 billion in revenue, and $8.2 billion in profit. The company itself only expected to make $34 billion in […]

$35 Billion Revenue, $8.8 Billion Net Profit Are Apple’s Q3 2012 Financial Results


As promised, Apple has posted its financial results for Q3 2012 and it looks great as always. Although the fruit company did fall short a few billion dollars from Q2 predictions its nothing to worry about for Apple, as they still made a lot of money. Apple released a Press Release stating its Q3 financial […]

Apple Reports Another Record Breaking Quarter, And Has $110 Billion In The Bank


Apple has recently posted a new press release detailing their second quarter results for 2012. It looks like those who predicted Apple would see a decline this quarter were wrong, because Apple has had yet another record breaking quarter. The fruit company went on to selling: 35.1 million iPhones 11.8 million iPads 7.7 million iPods 4 […]

Facebook Acquires Instagram For $1 Billion


Today Facebook announced that it acquired Instagram for $1 billion. This is six days after Instagram expanded the platform of its quirky photosharing app from it’s former iOS exclusive status to be also available on Android phones. For those unfamiliar with the app, Instagram is an app that allows users to apply preset filters to images snapped […]

Apple Q1 2012 Results: 37 Million iPhones, 15 Million iPads With $46.33 Billion Revenue!


Apple seems to not only break sales record every quarter, but shatter them! With the release of the iPhone 4S and the much anticipated iOS 5 operating system, it is no wonder why Apple has once again topped the charts. In Apple’s Q1 2012 press release, Apple mentions that they have sold over 37 million […]

Apple Reports Record Breaking Fourth Quarter Earnings


Apple has just announced record breaking fourth quarter results in an official Apple Press Release. Apple has noted that they have made a revenue of $28.27 billion and have sold 17.07 million iPhones in the quarter, representing 21 percent unit growth over the year-ago quarter. Besides seeing enormous unit growth in Apple’s iPhone sector they […]