Apple Releases New Lightning Dock With Audio Out For $40


Earlier this week, Apple released a new Lightning dock for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. There was no press release like there was for the updated 15-inch Macbook Pro with Retina display and the 5k iMac. The Lightning dock was a surprise release. This new dock features a Lightning connector for charging and syncing the […]

Future Jailbreaks Will Be Easier Thanks To New Hack That Breaks Apple’s Lightning Connector

The 10 Ft. MFi-Certified iOS Lightning Cable

A group of hackers have succeeded in breaking the security of Apple’s lightning connector. Why is this important and why do you have to know about it? Well, thanks to this security break, hackers will have full access to serial kernel debugging and jailbreaking newer iOS firmwares could get easier. That’s good news for the jailbreaking […]

The 10 Ft. MFi-Certified iOS Lightning Cable [52% OFF]

The 10 Ft. MFi-Certified iOS Lightning Cable

Easily Charge Your Lightning-Compatible Devices From Across The Room + Free Shipping A SUREFIRE CURE TO THE SHORT WIRE BLUES Unfortunately, not all couches are as proximal to electrical outlets as we might like. It can be incredibly annoying when you’re trying to pound Netflix and play on your your dying phone with no power source nearby. With this handy Apple MFi-certified 10-foot cable […]

Customers Reporting Corrosion Issues With Apple’s Lightning Cables


It has been discovered by Jason D. O’Grady of ZDNET that the Lightning cable is prone to corrosion. O’Grady discovered several forum reports of the issue happening to multiple Lightning cable owners. Some of those owners were able to exchange their cables for new ones, while  others were denied an exchange because the representative suspected water damage was the […]

Grab Your Apple Certified Replacement Lightning Cable [Deals]


An Apple-Approved Lightning cable at an amazing price! Cables wear out, get lost, and you never know when you’ll need another, so grab one of these to keep in the car, at the office, or tightly wound in its packaging until you call it up from the reserves. It’s MFi-Certified so you know the quality […]

Short A Lightning Connector? Check Out This 10Ft Long One [Deals]


If there is one thing any recent Apple iOS device owner has in common, it is likely that lack of enough Lightning USB cables. Prior to the iPhone 5 I had a ton of 30-pin USB cables, 5 to be exact, that I collected over the years. With the release of the iPhone 5 however, and […]

iOS 7 Prevents Non-Certified Lightning Cables From Charging Your Device, But Here’s A Workaround


It was discovered when Apple was beta testing iOS 7 that non-certified Lightning cables would trigger a warning stating that the cable you were using was not an official accessory. Specifically you would be returned with the following message ““This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.” With […]

Apple’s Lightning Connector Has Been Successfully Cracked By A 3rd Party Vendor

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 10.00.55 AM

When Apple released the new Lightning connector for its line of iOS devices it became more strict with it’s Made For iDevice (MFI) program. It implemented various security measures to make it hard for 3rd party accessory vendors to create non-certified accessories. Then with the release of iOS 7 beta it was discovered that if a non-certified […]

Bose Announces New SoundDock Series III With Lightning Connector Support


The new Lightning connector found in Apple’s latest devices means that accessory makers must now manufacture products with Lightning support. We have been seeing a lot of new cables, chargers and audio docks lately, that come with support for the Lightning connector. Now there’s another new audio dock designed for Apple’s new devices manufactured by […]

Philips Announces New Speaker Docks With Support For Lightning Connector


Earlier this week, Philips announced 4 new speaker docks with support for Apple’s new Lightning connector. Philips isn’t the first to come out with Lightning compatible speaker docks. JBL introduced certain docks last month, which support all of the new Apple products with Lightning connector. Apple’s new devices such as the iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad […]