Get A ZAGG Bluetooth Keyboard Case For Your iPad Or iPad Mini For 50% Off [Limited Time]

ZAGG iPad Bluetooth Keyobard Sale

Yesterday we talked to you about ZAGG’s new ZRSIX earbuds that come with one unbelievable guarantee — if you have heard better audio quality you can return them and get your money back — and today ZAGG is back with another unbelievable offer if you have an iPad. ZAGG is currently offering select models of […]

iPhone5Mod Announces EX Hybrid Controller For iPhone 5, Includes Both GamePad And Keyboard

ex hybrid controller iphone5mod

Have you been looking for a Bluetooth keyboard or a game controller for your iPhone 5? Well, you just got lucky. iPhone5Mod has unveiled a new case for the iPhone 5, that comes with both gamepad and a keyboard. Known as the EX Hybrid Controller, the case attaches to the iPhone 5 and comes with two separate interchangeable […]

Upcoming Apple TV Firmware Update Brings Support For Bluetooth Keyboards


Along with beta testing the iOS 6.1 firmware for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Apple also is beta testing a new Apple TV firmware that will likely ship alongside iOS 6.1 in the coming weeks. We have already talked about the various changes and new functionality in the iOS 6.1 firmware, like the ability […]

How To: Use Blutrol To Assign Buttons To (Almost) Any Game–iCade, iControlPad, Keyboard, Wii Controller, and More [Cydia Tweak]


While we enjoy gaming on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, these touch screen platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. On one hand, these portable computers can store a ton of great games and you don’t have to carry a lot of accessories around with you. On the other hand, fast paced games work better […]

New iPad Mini Keyboard Case Announced By iPad Mini Mod For $40


Belkin recently announced a keyboard case for the Apple iPad Mini. This is a very useful case for those who like to work on the go, where the onscreen keyboard just doesn’t do the job. iPad Mini Mod too has announced a new keyboard case for the iPad Mini, which is much cheaper than Belkin’s offering. The […]

How To: MAKE TYPING LIKE THIS Easier With The Help Of CAPS Lock On iOS


It can be rather annoying if you have to keep on pressing the SHIFT key multiple times when trying to type something in all capital letters. As such, when you are typing an acronym or trying to put emphasis on something you will want a quick and easy way to turn on CAPS lock. There […]

The iPad Mini Gets A Brand New Keyboard Case From Belkin


Belkin’s popular bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad is now available for the new iPad Mini as well. Of course, it is a scaled down version of the case and fits, protects and gives the iPad Mini a keyboard. The Belkin Portable Keyboard Case does not just provide great protection with a slim design, but also […]

Add Keyboard Shortcuts, Navigation, And More To The iPad With The BeeKeyboard Cydia Plugin


We mentioned BeeKeyboard in passing when the developer added iCADE game support as a plugin to the versatile utility. The plugin allows for any connected keyboard to fill in for a iControlPad or iCADE game pad, but we found this only scratches the surface of BeeKeyboard’s usefulness. By default, iOS’ keyboard support is shockingly limited. […]

How To: Type Faster By Reducing The Amount Of Times You Switch Between Keyboards


Obviously one of the most used functions of your iOS device is the touch keyboard. The keyboard is how you reply to your friends using iMessage, how you lookup something on the internet etc. Although voice recognition has come a long way, it is not capable of fully replacing the keyboard. As such one small improvement […]

Vibrative Is An Invisible Keyboard For Your iPhone That Works By Analyzing Vibrations [VIDEO]


Before the official launch of the iPhone 5, Fox News reported that the iPhone 5 would come with a laser keyboard and a holographic display. Although this report was totally bogus and yet another sign Fox doesn’t do any sort of research before reporting on something, if you thought the idea of a laser keyboard […]