How To Root Samsung Galaxy S5 And Other Android Devices With Geohot’s Towelroot Tool


Famous iOS hacker Geohot or George Hotz who’s been also known for various other things, has released a new tool called ‘Towelroot’ for rooting the Samsung Galaxy S5 and some other Android devices. From working on iPhones and other iOS devices, he is now working on Android devices as well. Towelroot is a very easy […]

GeoHot Release ActiveRoot To Easily Root The Samsung Galaxy S4 [How To]

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 10.09.53 AM

Hacker GeoHot is known for jumping around various hacking scenes. He first started off working with iOS releasing numerous Jailbreaks, then transitioned into hacking the PlayStation and now it looks like he is getting into creating Android roots. According to a thread on the XDA Developer Forums GeoHot has released a root as a single […]

GeoHot Soon To Be Launching An Application Into The App Store By The Name Of Reactions


It seems like a lot of developers that have been associated with the Jailbreaking community are getting into iOS app development, the first being Pod2G with his DJ app for the iPad. Now GeoHot is actually going to be releasing an app into the App Store that’s aim is to compete with the likes of […]

Hacker GeoHot Is Profiled By The New Yorker [Personal Life, Sony Lawsuit And More]


We have talked about hacker GeoHot, who’s actual name is George Hotz, numerous times in the past, most recently we told you that GeoHot was arrested for marijuana possession. For those that are unaware of who GeoHot is or have only heard his name tossed around briefly, he is a famous hacker who first unlocked the […]

Hacker GeoHot Arrested For Marijuana Possession On His Way To SXSW


Hacker GeoHot, who’s real name is George Hotz, is a Jailbreak developer who has developed a few Untethered Jailbreaks and was the first person to unlock the iPhone. You may have also heard that GeoHot was sued by Sony for Jailbreaking the Playstation 3. Last time we checked in on Hotz he was spending his […]

GeoHot Quit Facebook And Now Spends His Free Time Hacking! [VIDEO]


It has been some time since we have heard about what the famous hacker GeoHot (GeoHotz), the hacker responsible for several iOS Jailbreaks, is up to these days. In the past we found out that GeoHot was working for Facebook on the iPad 2 version of the Facebook application, and that he was also battling a […]

The Big List Of Jailbreak Developers

Redsn0wPwnageToolicon recently shared with you a big list of Jailbreaking tools that covered the history of Jailbreaking tools such as RedSn0w, PwnageTool, Sn0wBreeze and so much more! Now, is bringing you the big list of Jailbreak developers that covers the history of numerous Jailbreak developers such as Saurik, MuscleNerd, Comex and Pod2G. So without […]

Today Is GeoHot’s Birthday, Happy 22nd Birthday GeoHot!


Unless you are brand new to the Jailbreaking scene, I am sure you have at least heard the name GeoHot tossed around. Geohot was the first person to unlock the iPhone back in 2007, and he has brought a number of Jailbreaking tools to the table such as the BlackRa1n and LimeRa1n. More recently GeoHot […]

DEF CON 19: Inside P0sixninjas VIP Jailbreakers Party With GeoHot, Saurik And More! [Photo]


Popular hacking conference DEF CON, which is held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, began yesterday and is to run through the 7th of August. This year’s DEF CON 19 is being held at the Rio Hotel and Casino and will play host to a number of speakers, workshops, events and entertainment. Speakers set for […]

Comex Wins Best Client-Side Bug Award & GeoHot Wins Best Song Award [Pwnie Awards 2011]


Have you ever heard of the Pwnie Awards? My guess is probably not, unless you are a member of the security research/exploitation community. Thus for all of those who are curios – The Pwnie Awards is an annual awards ceremony celebrating the achievements and failures of security researchers and the security community. The Pwnie Awards […]