How To: Download Android Apps From Android Market To Your Computer [APK Downloader]

Some Android devices, the cheaper ones, do not have Wi-Fi and it’s very difficult to download apps using a data connection. Wouldn’t it be easier to just download the apk for the certain app from the Internet and then install it manually on the Android device. With APK Downloader, you can do just that.

APK Downloader

APK Downloader is a Google Chrome browser extension that lets you download apk files from the Android Market to your computer. Since the Android Market is the number one and official store for Android apps, this extension can be very useful. If you own an Android device that doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connectivity, then this method of downloading the apk for the app and installing it on your device will help you.

You can download APK Downloader from this link, however, after installation you’ll most likely see a SSL error warning.

To get rid of this, right click on the Chrome icon and select properties. Then, navigate to the Shortcut tab and add the following parameter at the end of the Target box after a space: “–ignore-certificate-errors”. You should now be able to bypass the SSL error.

Login to your Google account, head over to the Android Market and select the app that you want to download. You should be able to see an icon at the end of the address bar. Click on the icon to download the apk of that app to your desktop.

Apk downloader screen

Transfer the apk to your Android device via USB cable or using a memory card reader, as most Android phones do come with them, and install it. Voila! That’s pretty much it.

This extension only works for the Android Market and you cannot download the APK of paid apps. So, just browse through the gallery of free Android apps and download what you like to your computer. I can think of a lot of reasons why this extension is useful, so I suggest you try this out. To read more, check out the official page for the extension.

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  1. is this safe?

  2. Yes! Very much.

  3. robyrokzz18 says:

    where do i find my android ID?

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  5. hey…..i wrote ignore certificate errors in the shortcuts target as- but the wxtension is not showing????what should i do please telll me

  6. hey plzzzzz…..can someone upload the extension on chrome web store…so it will be easy to use it……

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