Could The iOS 6.0.2 Firmware Kill Your Battery Life? Many Seem To Think So

When Apple released the iOS 6.0.2 firmware, not much was known about it, besides the fact that it fixed a bug that could impact Wi-Fi. My guess was that this could have had something to do with improving the reliability when being connected to a 5GHz band Wi-Fi network, but it could very well could […]

Use Siri To Estimate Your Battery Life Stats For Certain iOS Functions With BatteryLevelAE Cydia Tweak

It has been awhile since we have talked about a Siri related Cydia tweak so I thought it was time to bring BatteryLevelAE to the light of day. What the BatteryLevelAE Cydia tweak allows you to do is get Siri to estimate your battery life stats. Upon asking Siri something like “how much talk time do […]

Cydia App: ScreenDimmer – Save Battery Life By Automatically Dimming iPhone, iPod Touch

Hate it when your iPhone or iPod Touch is left on and your battery life gets sucked? ScreenDimmer, a handy app in Cydia, which allows you to save battery life by automatically dimming your iPhone or iPod Touch. To enable ScreenDimmer, go into Settings, scroll down the page and click on ScreenDimmer. You can control the […]