How To: Download Android Apps From Android Market To Your Computer [APK Downloader]


Some Android devices, the cheaper ones, do not have Wi-Fi and it’s very difficult to download apps using a data connection. Wouldn’t it be easier to just download the apk for the certain app from the Internet and then install it manually on the Android device. With APK Downloader, you can do just that. APK […]

Fake The iOS Homescreen On Android With Fake iPhone 4S App


This app could be useful for those who are stuck using an Android device, but actually wanted to own an iOS device. If you’re one of those and want to at least look and feel the homescreen of an iPhone on your Android device, then this app is for you! Of course, you will not […]

iOS Hacker’s Handbook Will Teach You All About The Vulnerabilities Of iOS


One of the largest headaches to many developers, startup or veteran, is the tremendous ordeal of Apple’s App Store approval process. One of the many perks of the Android Market is the absence of some of these huge hoops one must jump through before seeing their app on the store for Apple. Well if you want […]