Official iPad Mini And 4th Generation iPad iOS 6 Firmware Now Available For Download [Direct Links]

The iPad Mini and iPad 4th generation will only be available starting November 2nd, but Apple has already released the official iOS 6 firmwares for the devices. We’re not sure why Apple did this, but it’s nice to find out the build number before the products are already out. The firmwares are available for download from Apple’s own servers.

Apple’s iPad Mini is iPad 2,5 and the latest iPad 4th generation is iPad 3,4. The build numbers for the iPad Mini and iPad 4th generation are 10A406 and 10A407, respectively. You can download the official iOS firmwares for the devices from the links below:

Download iPad2,5 (iPad2,5) version 6.0 (Build 10A406)

Download iPad3,4 (iPad3,4) version 6.0 (Build 10A407)

Reviews for both the iPad Mini and iPad 4th generation recently went online and everyone is very much impressed with both of the devices. The iPad Mini, despite its higher price and no-Retina display has already gone out of stock on the Apple Store and so has the iPad 4th generation. Are you waiting for your new iPad Mini to be delivered?

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  1. iUser2012 says:

    I think these numbers coincide with my classification. A shrunk iPad 2 and iPad 3.5 (some call it 3S as well, yet it does not even get nearby the difference between iPhone 4 and 4S ).

    If there was a revolutionary or innovative change which would deserve to be called as a new generation then numbers would be different as it changed before. Yet Apple’s claim to introduce 4th generation iPad is nullified by its own firmware classification, which does not diversify these products at major version. A better CPU alone does not make the product really different but only a better performer. The camera resolution is not a big deal at all as well. It seems tehy are also aware of this despite the marketing techniques they employ.

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