Apple Makes Jailbreaking Even Harder In iOS 6.1, There Is Going To Be Tough Times Ahead

The state of the iOS 6.0 Jailbreak, for the most part, is fairly unknown. Unfortunately this has to do with very few people actually looking into the Jailbreak and well-known developers moving onto different projects in their lives. For the most part this is expected and it really is a pattern if you look at hackers like GeoHot and Comex, who were both very prominent hackers, but after releasing a couple Jailbreaks they moved on with their life. The same thing is happening now to developers like Pod2G, but the problem is, there is no one to fill their shoes as of yet.

As I have said numerous times, this has to do with iOS exploitation becoming to the point where unless you have familiarized yourself with it throughout the years, it is near impossible to suddenly just start grasping it. And those with the knowledge on how to exploit iOS are either working for large corporations or are selling exploits on the black market. There is only a minute population that want to devote their time to develop a free Jailbreaking solution and most of which are already doing so.

iOS 6.1 Untethered Jailbreak To Be A Challenge

In my personal opinion Jailbreaking is not going to be around for much longer. We can already see a few signs that indicate this. The first being at just how much harder Apple is making Jailbreaking every firmware iteration, the second being fewer and fewer people being interested in developing Jailbreaks and the third has to do with Apple implementing past Cydia tweaks into iOS natively. There is always going to be certain things Apple will not allow in iOS like emulators and themes, but it is more than likely that Apple will eventually get to the point where there is very few Cydia tweaks that will actually be worth installing and the value of Jailbreaking will decrease.

Hacker i0n1c, who instead of developing Jailbreaks for the public, sells various exploits, has tweeted that Apple has made Jailbreaking once again more difficult. According to the hacker, Apple has added even tougher protection mechanisms in the iOS 6.1 firmware that will likely be released in January.

iOS 6.1 Untethered Jailbreak Status

As i0n1c points out, Apple has really upped their game when it comes to iOS security. With the release of iOS 6 we saw KASLR supplementing ASLR and various other security improvements that make a Jailbreak dev’s job even harder. This definitely spells trouble and should be a warning NOT to update to iOS 6.1 when it is released.

What do you think? Is Jailbreaking just going to cease to exist shortly? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  1. KASLR did not replace ASLR, it is a supplement to it.

  2. cant believe this is happening. i loved jailbreaking ever since the 1st gen ipod touch. always loved to tweak and figure things out. i wish i knew how to create apple exploits to keep the jailbreaking community alive

  3. seems like there are a lot of rainy days lately ..

  4. Yea thats bc i0nic has been selling his exploits to apple bc hes a greedy fuck read his past tweets ull c i used to follow him till i noticed how cocky an greedy he is i will put my balls on it that he is selling the exploits he finds n apples ios firmware to apple bc all i0nic cares about is the money he got into it bc he wanted donations like geohot used to get but donations werent good enough for him so blame him an fuck his 1jailbreak hes a sell 0ut

  5. miss theme on iDevice.. :(

  6. Flemming Jacobsen says:

    I think the jailbreakers should just start charging 5-10 USD pr jailbreak served. I mean in the past people happily paid to have their phone unlocked so that they could pick whatever provider they wanted.

    I am sure people are just as willing to pay a few bucks for a jailbreak

  7. Dude. He jailbreaks his own devices. Why the hell would be sell his exploits to Apple? And no shit he sells them to the community. I mean, darn. He wants to be paid for his full-time job. What kind of nonsense is this?

  8. Android is looking better and better. Fukin Apple.

  9. If Apple doesn’t make some much needed changes to iOS in the next year I’ll me making the switch to Android.

  10. JadenEllett says:

    Thanks for the clarification, I have updated the article.

  11. Get yourself an android and just carry both. It’s what I do.

  12. Jonah Connelly says:

    I really hope to God that it doesn’t die out; i absolutely looove jailbreaking, and want some support for my ipod touch 5g!

  13. easy solution:

    stay on IOS 5 and enjoy ur jailbroken idevice as i m doing

    forget about ios 6 it is not even worth upgrading to
    and if ever IOS becomes unjailbreakable
    move to android and their black markets

  14. So his job is to find exploits and sell them to Apple? Sounds pretty fucked up to the rest of us. Looks like im going to be on 5.1.1 for a looooooong time.

  15. You know…half of the people who own apple devices jailbreak, im sure Apples sales would go down drastically if we all didnt buy Apple devices because of this. That jsut may get Apple scared. Though…its getting everyone to do it…Either way i’d be moving onto a Galaxy S what ever the next generation is

  16. This isn’t any news to be sad over, Apple could always fix one thing and in doing so accidentally create an exploit, or adding more features that can also be exploitable. As people have said iOS is made by humans not robots. It could be until iOS 7 until we see a jailbreak…but we will see another jailbreak at some point.

  17. Michael Schnier says:

    It was estimated to be somewhere between 6-8% in 2009. I don’t believe it’s much higher now.

  18. LittleStevieRae says:

    IOS hasn’t changed that much uI wise since IOS 1, However, im now on an iphone 5 and i must say that all the features i used to jailbreak for are now implemented natively in ios 6, even satnav with turn by turn directions is now available free….. i won;t be JB’ing my 5, although my ipad is staying on 5.11 with cydai for the minute and my atv is jb’ed with xbmc as a must…..

  19. nomoreloveforiphone says:

    I love iphone but if it can no longer be jailbroken its time to move to Android

  20. Michael Schnier says:

    While I am and have been willing to shell out money for developers, I suspect a project as big and collaborative as jailbreaking would be a pain for homebrew developers to deal with. Who gets paid? How do they make sure it doesn’t get cracked? What do they do if a developer they rely on says no?

  21. Andriod, here I come!

  22. We should lead a protest on Apple’s Campus for this.

  23. since i’m also a dev, this news just makes me really happy. :)

  24. ghayasudin says:

    me to moving to android :(

  25. ghayasudin says:

    i will cook tims >:(

  26. wannaloveiphoneforever but.. says:

    I am frustrated with what apple doing now.
    how come apple always have bad “think” in last 2 years!!

    1.STUPID MAP.= crazy map i ever seen!! actually they ever use the best map before, why 3x?

    2.STUPID UNJAILBREAK iOS: Hi Apple! come on, you are not selling the mobile system right? you just selling the handled, so why 3x you protected you handled OS hardest? we buy handled from you and should be free choice to jailbreak or unjailbreak it..!! Think!!

    3. STUPID PATENT BATTLE: don’t apple see what google have done? look, google create all “think” easiest, and google choose to do Innovation battle with their opposite than do stupid patent battle.everybody happy with the innovation but your stupid patent battle just inhibit the innovation. Think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry for my long story, and sorry for my poor English i just want to share with you all, and want apple know how sad i am.

    honesty, i really love the apple product, and i want they make a right “Think” from now and in the future. Think innovation than think selfish

  27. I honestly don’t understand why anybody would still be using an iOS device anyway. I had almost every iteration of iPhone up through iPhone 4, & the first 2 ipads. I switched to android about a year and a half ago & I’ll never look back.completely open operating system vs being told what I can & can’t do with the products I own….not a hard decision to me.

  28. I guess I will stay on my JB iphone 4s until it becomes so obsolete thatI will have to move over to an Android phone. Apple is just being dumb about this and eventually ( maybe already happening) they will end up like last time when they were weeks away from closing the doors. Jobs isn’t around to rescue them and there are plenty of alternatives available, if you look at the number of mistakes they have made lately you can see it has already started to happen.

  29. Oh forgot to mention in previous post, I have no problem paying for a jailbreak. This is hard tedious work and understand people should be compensated for their effort.

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