Third-Generation 1080p Apple TV Deemed Not Impossible To Jailbreak By P0sixninja

Near the end of July we told you about what seemed like a conspiracy theory involving P0sixninja and a “former” Apple employee to destroy an exploit to had the potential to Jailbreak all iOS devices on the iOS 6 firmware untethered. This whole ordeal stemmed from P0sixninja tweeting he was no longer associated with Chronic-Dev and that he was looking to unload an exploit apparently worth $50,000.

Third-Generation 1080p Apple TV Jailbreak Not Impossible After all

It looks like P0sixninja hasn’t fully left behind the Jailbreaking community after all however, because recently he took up tweeting about the third-generation 1080p Apple TV Jailbreak. It was assumed from previous comments coming from developers that the ATV3 Jailbreak would be near impossible, but P0sixninja believes otherwise.

P0sixninja Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

Although most of the technical jargon probably went over most people’s heads, with these tweets from P0sixninja it brings some good news to those still waiting on a third-generation Apple TV Jailbreak. Maybe the once thought impossible-to-Jailbreak iOS device will finally get some love after all in the near future… just make sure you abide to P0sixninja’s advice not to update your ATV3.

Are you still waiting for an ATV3 Jailbreak? (I know for one I am!) Please share your responses in the comments.

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  1. Seeing is believing.

  2. If only it would be a dream come true !

  3. Alex Tezanos says:

    Hope he can/want to do it, I’m waiting for it before ATV3 was released LOL

  4. anosan lerin says:

    WHE are waiting for atv 3 jailbreak u can do it ?plzz we want jailbreak

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