Download aTV Flash (black) v1.5 Featuring A Revamped Media Player And Much More!

The FireCore Dev-Team have announced on their official blog today that aTV Flash (black) was updated to version 1.5. In aTV Flash (black) v1.5 comes a revamped player that has been fully optimized for the Apple TV 5.0 firmware. With this new player in place you can expect better playback performance for virtually all filetypes. Besides the flagship feature of aTV Flash (black) v1.5, which is the revamped media player, there have been other general improvements and bug fixes, with the addition of NFS streaming, subtitle timing settings and additional translations as well.

aTV Flash (black) v1.5

You can take a look at the official changelog for aTV Flash (black) v1.5 in the quoted area below…

  • Revamped player with improved performance (AppleTV 4.4 and later)
  • Added NFS streaming
  • Added Catalan, Czech, Korean and Traditional Chinese translations
  • Added support for localized TV show pattern: TV Show/Season #/S##E##.extension
  • Added manual subtitle time correction (-10.0s to +10.0s)
  • Added support for embedded .FLAC cover art
  • Added support for .AC3, .DTS and .MOD files
  • Improved .EYETV file handling
  • Improved audio synchronization in slow and unstable networks
  • Improved slideshow operation with small images
  • Improved movie folders detection logic to ignore hidden files
  • Improved metadata fetching to support movies split into multiple files (dvd#, cd#, disk#)
  • Improved zoom mode operation for non-square pixels
  • Improved DVD menu handling
  • Improved .OGG file handling (now correctly treated as audio)
  • Improved error handling for connection issues
  • Improved buffering logic
  • Improved installation routine
  • Other minor UI improvements
  • Resolved format detection that was causing rare playback issues
  • Resolved issue with volume level resetting during rw/fw
  • Resolved floating crashes usually observed when using SMB with Windows 7 shares
  • Resolved conflicts with XBMC related to SMB
  • Resolved issues with metadata fetching for ‘Show.Name.###.extension’ pattern
  • Resolved crashes observed in folders with significant number of files
  • Resolved playback error on DVD and ISO files observed when file path contains ‘?’ character
  • Resolved crashes when working with long file paths
  • Resolved rare issue with incorrect pre-playback screen layout
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

The FireCore Dev-Team have also mentioned that they have seen some encouraging reports come in over the past few days to do with Jailbreaking the new 1080p Apple TV. Unfortunately however, they did not go into anymore details and have stated it is still too soon to give any kind of ETA.

If you are ready to install aTV Flash (black) you will be glad to know you can download aTV Flash (black) 1.5 from your account under the downloads tab. Please don’t forget to also leave any questions or thoughts in the comments section.

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