Here Is How I Unlocked My iPhone On iOS 5.1 (Using SAM) Without It Being Jailbroken

It’s been over a year that I’ve had my iPhone 4 with me, locked, but running on the Gevey Turbo SIM. However, earlier today when the SAM unlock method was announced I was unimaginably happy. Unlocking my iPhone 4 16GB, preserved on baseband 4.10.01 and running on iOS 5.0.1 (untethered), was the first thing I did today. It worked on the very first try and I finally got rid of the Gevey SIM and all its troubles.

As a geek, I wasn’t satisfied and thus wanted to find out what happened if I restored my iPhone 4 to iOS 5.1 and then tried to unlock it. Of course, I knew it would work, because every other blog had already tried it and the results turned out to be positive. So, I downloaded the iOS 5.1 (9B176) firmware and restored my iPhone 4. I had RedSn0w already running to jailbreak and hacktivate my iDevice, because I knew had to install Cydia and download SAMPrefs to get the unlock working. I waited for the activation screen to pop-up, but that’s not what happened!

Unlock Non-Jailbroken iPhone With SAM

Soon after the restore process, iTunes quickly activated my LOCKED iPhone 4 and went on to ask me if I wanted to restore from a recent backup. I hadn’t jailbroken or hacktivated my iPhone, which is why I was literally left with my jaw hanging. There was no SAMPrefs installed nor there was Cydia, I had a locked iPhone 4 working on a SIM that it isn’t supposed to function with. Surprisingly, my iPhone was already unlocked and working great with my carrier. If you don’t believe me, you can go through all my homescreens and check out all the apps that I currently have on my iPhone.

No jailbreak at all! All I did was restore my iPhone using the Shift key via iTunes. If anyone out there has a locked iPhone, jailbreak it, unlock it with SAM, update to iOS 5.1 using restore in iTunes and then see the magic happen. Also, make sure your IMEI isn’t blacklisted by Apple. I cannot guarantee that this will work for all, but give it a shot, because it worked for me. Try it and let us know if it worked for you too! 

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  • ten lance

    What about Ipad2? A5 device with ios 5.1

  • Tuguldur Munkh-Ochir

    Wow, so we get FACTORY UNLOCK????

  • Tuguldur Munkh-Ochir

    Can you clarify it? How it is possible when new fw 5.1 deletes everything on ur iphone. Maybe SAM does something to your SIM???

  • Preme_097

    iPad is not locked to any carriers.

  • Abhay Verma

    did you restored it with a custom firmware( like preserving your baseband)?
    even i liev in india and use Vodafone, but till now i have been using Gevey sim holding my baseband to 03.10.XX and using my iphone?
    and how do u get to know dat your IMEI isn’t blacklisted by Apple??and i am already on 5.1 so wat should i domail me, would greatly

  • Shri Yash

    any one try yet because i want only one sim to use…..

  • Droidsid

    No custom firmware, downloaded the stock 5.1 firmware and just restored.

  • Droidsid

    I guess SAM did something to my SIM, but according to many all SAM does is fool iTunes in to thinking that you’re running a carrier SIM. 

  • Zubair Ahmed

    I guess the baseband activation ticket still remains in your device. As your device is currently not jailbroken yo cannot check the /var/root/Library/  where the bb tickets are saved. But i guess that is the only possible reason for it…

    Or may u got some divine intervention which helped you do the unbelievable task:D

  • Ward Chann


  • Ward Chann


  • Ward Chann


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  • Tommydido

    Does this completely unlock the phone, or does it unlock it for only 1 sim card?

  • Carlospaixaofrade

    Did you put your phone in DFU mode to do the restore?

  • Droidsid

    Nope. Used the Shift key in iTunes(Windows) and directed to iOS 5.1 ipsw

  • Carlospaixaofrade

    And if you have a 06.15 bb?

  • Davidepaula

    Hi there, i have the same iPhone that you do (iPhone 4, 04.10.01, gevey, iOS 5.0.1, Carrier Oi from Brazil) i already had SAM installed to make the push notifications work. I tried to unlock my iPhone earlier today with the new SAM tutorial but it didn’t work at all… tried a few times and nothing… Could you please let me know step by step how can i unlock it?? do i need to follow the steps with or without the Gevey on the phone?? iTunes didn’t recognize my SIM when i did the steps… please let me know how can i get rid of the gevey. Would really appreciate if you teach me step by step how to do it

  • Yo Yo Harry Singh

    what if we need to do” restore from backup” to get all of the previous settings, after firmware restore????

  • Luca Kassab

    eu tenho um iphone igual o seu na mesma baseband, e ios 5.0.1 e tbm usava gevey, consegui fazer o processo de outro modo!

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  • Oliver Jäkel

     funciona com SAM, fiz un iphone4 5.1 (Oi,Claro)

  • madhukarah

    You have to do the unlocking process again if you want to use another SIM.

  • Audrey

    It works!! Backup iPhone. I had tethered jailbreak on my 5.1. Unlocked with SAM. Go to itunes and restore, while keeping my T-Mobile sim card inside the phone. Once restore is done, itunes asked if I want to set my phone as the old one. I did. And T-Mobile works! Everything seems to work well: internet, mail, etc. But, the “Feature” on the AppStore doesn’t seem to work, which is fine. NO MORE TETHERED JAILBREAK!!! YESSS. 

  • Amirlotfi1984

    I have already flashed BB to 6.15.00. Can I still use this to unlock? problem is the battery drains too fast when connected to wifi. I have a 3g, ios 5.0.1

  • Deepak Nayak

    Yes Yes Yes it jus worked for me.
    Make a backup in itunes before u do this.
    Put device in DFU mode and restore it and restore from previously saved backup in itunes. 

  • luis

    i tired with my first iphone 4 and it worked. however i keep trying in it with another one that i have and every time i unlock it wit same and restore the iphone to 5.1 it doesnt work. i already tried about 5 times can some one help me plz i really hate tether jailbreak

  • Carlospaixaofrade

    Whats your bb? I have 06.15 and I just can’t get it..

  • Isabella Barbara Bickham

    hi my Iphone 3GS isnt unlocking what should i do?? because when i go to slide my finger across it wont let me. 

  • John


  • John

    i upgraded my iphone and restored it to 5.1 bb 04.12.01. it was ulocked before with sam and i saved my activation ticket. is it possible if i could still unlock my iphone with the new baseband update that i did.

  • Varunspassion

    hi, thnx everyone for taking so much time for helping each other, mine is iphone 4 bb 4.10 ios 5.1without jailbreak runing on gevey. Can please neone help me out wht shld i do.


     pls make us explain ur complete process!

  • DD

    I thought it was only me…my phone shows no signs of SAM anymore and is still unlocked after i upgraded it to 5.1


    mate, the article is just a joke from somebody who upgraded their baseband and now he/ she has an ipod touch instead of an iphone. he/ she must have a great laugh for every joker who upgraded because of this notes. is just like you go to the worst movie ever and say to your friends that was very good, so they will also pay a few quid and spend 2 hours for a nasty movie.

  • Smaidonis

    it worked for me to, so my question is, can i upgrade to 5.1.1 and still have non jailbroken unlocked iphone?

  • Smaidonis

    Can i update to 5.1.1 and still have unlocked NON jailbroken iphone?

  • Krishnavadithya

    i have a problem 
    i recently unlocked my iphone and then i restored the settings 
    as it downloaded the software once again then when i switch my iphone on 
     just the apple symbol yellow in color appears
    pls solution

  • Zandybandy

    So I recently had to restore my IPHONE 4 and it updated the new software i guess.  Its with ATT so has a sim card but just the other day I had to switch to Tmobile.  Now I dont know much about Iphones but I want to unlock the phone so I can use it with my tmobile service.  I was told by a friend of mine he believes this isnt possibly to do now.  So my question is with me restoring the phone can I still have it unlocked and if so how do I do it??  I was told the phone is useless to me now because I reset it so if anyone knows what I can do or the answer to my question that would be very helpful.  Thanks.

  • Smaidonis

    hi DD, i have question, which firmware you have right now? can i update to 5.1.1 and still be non jailbroken?

  • Smaidonis1

    luis, that first iphone which is unlocked, can you update it to 5.1.1 and still have non jailbroken unlocked?