Download iOS 5.1 Firmware Now For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad [Direct Download Links]

The iOS 5.1 firmware has just been officially released by Apple today alongside the new iPad 3 and the new Apple TV. This means you can now directly download the iOS 5.1 firmware for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. For those of you wondering what this update actually brings about you will be glad to know that these details are now available.

Download iOS 5.1 Firmware

The iOS 5.1 firmware update brings a variety of new features and bug fixes to the table. You can, for example, delete photos from Photo Stream and try out the new Camera shortcut that is now visible by default on the lockscreen. Furthermore the iOS 5.1 firmware also includes improved face detection, improved battery life and Japanese Siri support. These are just some of the new bug fixes and features available in the iOS 5.1 firmware update.

For those who have not yet been prompt to update to iOS 5.1 you will be glad to know we are providing direct download links directly from Apple’s servers. Additionally, as always, if you have a Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad DO NOT update to iOS 5.1 as you may lose your Jailbreak for good!

Download iOS 5.1 Firmware

Have you upgraded to the official iOS 5.1 firmware? Let us know in the comments section below…

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  • iPhone4SGuy

    Will the jailbreak work????

  • Pintatuama

    iPhone4SGuy….. of course not!

  • troyboi

    nawl stupid

  • Alex7dx


  • Trololololo

     YES,it works…just download the IOS 5.1 and after that jailbreak with redsnow.. ;)

  • olalalalalalalapw

    come on devs, update your jailbreak tool…. the most important fix for ios 5.1 is the battery fix. my iphone 4s dead in 12 hours using ios 5.0.1

  • Ilke

    are you trolling , asshole ?

  • zaheer

    ipad 2 and 4s owners stay away,and older devices can be jailbreak by selecting 5.0.1 firmware

  • zaheer

    if u don’t have shsh blob saved,don’t try yet,otherwise u can’t downgrade to 5.0.1

  • zaheer

     Update #1:  First, please read and re-read the above warnings!
     With all of that in mind, we realize that some of you non-A5
    jailbreakers are itching to get to 5.1, even though there seems to be no
    compelling new feature there. Because of geohot’s limera1n exploit,
    those with devices earlier than the iPad2 can test the 5.1 jailbreak
    waters if they really want to, using redsn0w 0.9.10b6.  Here’s what you
    need to know:

    This is a *tethered* 5.1 jailbreak for non-A5 devices.
     You’ll need to use redsn0w to “Just Boot” your device every time it
    power cycles, otherwise jailbreak apps won’t work (neither will Safari).If you use ultrasn0w for your carrier unlock, be sure to use a custom IPSW to get to 5.1 first!
     Don’t ever restore to a stock Apple IPSW!  Use redsn0w’s “Custom IPSW”
    button to create a NO_BB_* version of the 5.1 IPSW and restore to that
    instead of the stock one.  (That option is available only to 3GS and
    iPhone4-GSM owners.)  ultrasn0w itself will be updated for 5.1 in the next few days (same baseband support, not 5.1’s baseband).If you’re lucky enough to have an old-bootrom 3GS, this jailbreak is
    actually untethered (redsn0w will figure that part out automatically).While we were at it, we added @pod2g’s steaks4uce exploit to support
    MC models of the iPod touch 2G (whose last firmware was 4.2.1).  So now
    redsn0w will auto-detect and jailbreak both MB and MC versions of that
    older device.iBooks won’t work until a future update of redsn0w
    Here are the redns0w download links:
    redsn0w 0.9.10b6 for OS Xredsn0w 0.9.10b6 for Windows (be sure to run in Administrator mode)

  • Cooperlewis1999


  • jurse

    i have ipod version 3.1.3 (7E18) can i still upgrade mine in to ios 5? or is there any software i can update my ipod so i can dl some of the latest apps. thansk for the help in advance