How To: Root Samsung Galaxy S III [Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T Models]

For those of you who are looking to root your Samsung Galaxy S III in the United States you will be glad to know this is now a reality. A method for unlocking the Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T model of the Galaxy S III has just been shared over at the XDA forums. As such, in this guide you will learn how to root your Samsung Galaxy S III (Sprint, T-Mobile or AT&T model).

Root Samsung Galaxy S III

Before you dive right into it however, please keep in mind that you follow this guide at your own risk. It is very easy to mess something up on your Galaxy S III while following this guide, so pay close attention to each step.

Root Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III

Step 1) – The first thing you will need to do is download and install the official USB drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Step 2) – With the official Samsung USB drivers installed on your Galaxy S III, enable USB debugging from Settings > Developer options. Once you have done this plug in your Galaxy S III  to your computer via the USB cable.

Step 3) – Next download and transfer it to the root of your Galaxy S III’s internal storage (no not extract it).

Step 4) – Unplug your Galaxy S III from your computer and then turn it off.

Step 5) – Download and then extract it. You will also need to download clockworkmod.tar.

Note: AT&T models of the Galaxy S III will be required to download fixboot.tar instead of clockworkmod.tar.

Step 6) – It is now time to put your Galaxy S III in download mode. You can do this by holding down the volume and home buttons together until a warning message appears. When you see this warning message appear press the volume up button. If you entered download mode correctly your Galaxy S III should be displaying a green Android and say Downloading.

Step 7) – After putting your Galaxy S III in download mode you will need to run Odin3 v3.04.exe from the ZIP file you downloaded in step 5.

Step 8) – Plug your Galaxy S III into your computer once again via the USB cable and Odin should detect it.

Step 9) – Click on PDA and then select the clockworkmod.tar file you downloaded in 5 (remember AT&T models of the Galaxy S III will need to select fixboot.tar instead).

Step 10) – Next you will need to ensure that Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time are selected and then you can click start.

Step 11) – It is now time to boot into ClockworkMod Recovery. To do this you will simply need to shut down your Galaxy S III, press and hold Volume Up, Home and Power buttons.

Step 12) – Install the that you copied to the root of your  Galaxy S III in step 3. Once you have installed it you will simply need to choose the reboot system option from the main menu.

Step 13) – The last thing you will need to do is install BusyBox from the Google Play Store. Once BusyBox has been installed you will need to grant it SuperUser permissions and then follow the rest of the instructions presented to you. Finally, launch the SuperUser app and update binaries from wrench icon > Su binary > Update.

If you encounter any major problems following this guide head on over to the XDA forums by clicking here. For those that followed all the steps correctly however, you should have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S III. Please leave any further thoughts or questions in the comments.

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  1. Adrian Mapes says:

    each time i get stuck on step 11. I cannot boot into recovery. it simply boots.

  2. Adrian Mapes says:

    now it will not recognize the clockword mod recovery. it is simply the stock recovery

  3. I tried 3 times before reading on another forum that due to a change one should not auto – reboot in Odin. After cwm is installed, disconnect the phone from the pc, remove the battery. After that you can boot into cwm.

  4. Jghostboy says:
  5. Someone_01 says:

    so i installed the fixboot.tar
    pressed and held volume down, power, and home..
    now my phone is only showing with the start up screen.. etc “samsung galaxy sIII”
    need help please?
    my phone isnt switching back to normal :(

  6. Someone_01 says:
  7. Thanks it was a pretty easy tutorial to follow. I only faced one problem which you should state more specifically when putting your phone into download mode you have to hold the volume down button and also stae that you also hold down the power button and not just the home buttons. That wasn’t clarified that well cause it just says hold down the volume button & home buttons. So its “hold the volume down button, the home button, and the power button all together” til you get the warning message for all you that didn’t get that. I figured it out by quickly looking up a YouTube video on how to do it oncide I realized tht nothing was happening just by holding the volume and home button.

    Thanks though I now have my phone rooted!

  8. Robin090909 says:

    Has anyone tried this that has been an US Cellular customer??? I am wanting to switch and have been told that my phone will not be unlocked. Anything would be helpful. Thanks.

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