How To: Jailbreak Apple TV 4.4.4 (9A406a) Firmware With Seas0nPass [Mac OS X]

Yesterday we told you that Apple released the 4.4.4 (9A406a) firmware for the Apple TV 2nd-generation. This firmware update was released to provide some general stability improvements for the Apple TV 2nd-generation and also to fix some bugs effecting certain users. As for new features in the 4.4.4 firmware Apple pushed AirPlay Mirroring, Photo Stream, Trailers and a few other minor applications. If you are looking to Jailbreak to the Apple TV 2G running the 4.4.4 firmware tethered then you will be glad to know that in this How To guide from you will learn how to do just this.

Jailbreak Apple TV 2G 4.4.4

Step 1) – The first thing you are going to need to do is download Seas0nPass for Mac OS X from our downloads section (Mirror #1).

Step 2) – Once Seas0nPass has downloaded you may need to extract Seas0nPass if this has not been done automatically (Safari only).

Step 3) – Once Seas0nPass is extracted you will need to double click the Seas0nPass app.

Note: If this is your first time launching Seas0nPass you will need to enable UI scripting.

Step 4) – When Seas0nPass has launched you will notice two options presented to you – Create IPSW and Boot Tethered.

You will need to hold down the Option button, click the Create IPSW Button and then select the firmware file your Apple TV is currently running (in this how to guide it should be the 4.4.4 firmware). If you would like to download the 4.4.4 Apple TV firmware please click here.

Step 5) – Seas0nPass will begin creating your Jailbroken IPSW.

Step 6) – Once SeasonPass has created the custom IPSW you will be prompt to connect your Apple TV 2G into your computer and to put your Apple TV 2G into DFU mode (follow the on-board instructions). Once your Apple TV 2G is in DFU mode Seas0nPass will automatically open iTunes and start the restore process.

You should now have a tethered Jailbroken Apple TV 2G running the 4.4.4 firmware.

Booting Tethered With Seas0nPass

As this is a tethered Jailbreak you will need to boot your Apple TV 2G using Seas0nPass anytime it loses power or you need to restart it. In order to boot your Apple TV 2G tethered you will simply need to launch Seas0nPass, click the Boot Tethered Button, and finally follow the instructions for putting your Apple TV 2G into DFU mode.

Note: The Apple TV MUST be disconnected from the computer (for at least a brief moment) after restoring in iTunes for the tethered boot process below to work properly.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns in the comments below.

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  1. after I did this i don’t have anymore movies and tv shows any more on screen. I restored it on original software and it is the same. Only INTERNET COMPUTERS  SETINGS are on the menu list. What i did wrong? pLease

  2. You did an evil thing by jailbreaking. Apple has punished you.

  3. when i plugged it to my tv.. it showed a connect to itunes symbol.. 
    guess this jailbreak does not work!

  4. Robert Perry says:

    Ronstr99 – I also get the same message onscreen when I do this. I’ve followed the instructions exactly as indicated above several times and always with the same result. Any advice would be very welcome!


  5. same. My Apple Tv is screwed. and now I can’t restore it. Please help!

  6. Works great.  I was worried for a bit but it’s all good!

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