Fix Errors With Absinthe iPhone 4S, iPad 2 Untethered iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak [Common Mistakes Explained]

Today has been a very hectic, but enjoyable day for the Jailbreaking community! This is because the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Untethered iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak has been released to the public in the form of Absinthe. While it is great that iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users can finally Jailbreak their A5 iOS device Untethered, like most new Jailbreaking solutions, there are always errors that come along with initial releases of Jailbreaking tools. As such, a lot of people have not been able to Jailbreak their iPhone 4S or iPad 2 due to errors, server overloads and numerous other reasons.

If you have been experiencing errors Jailbreaking your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 Untethered with Absinthe then this may be due to some common mistakes that Planetbeing has recently tweeted about. You see, if you currently have a passcode set on your iPhone 4S/iPad 2 or even have a VPN currently setup, at this time it will cause errors when Jailbreaking your A5 iOS device.

Thus, if you made one of these common mistakes mentioned by Planetbeing simply take action and disable your passcode/vpn setup and try Jailbreaking your A5 iOS device again with Absinthe. If all else fails Planetbeing mentions that you should restart your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 and the Jailbreaking process again (restoring your iOS device would not hurt either).

Let us know if this advice has helped you Jailbreak your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 Untethered with Absinthe in the comments section below…

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  • Win 7

    We wait for windows

  • Patrick Boustany

    im not being able to click on the jailbreak button i tried to do redownload it again not working can someone help plz 

  • Anonymous

    need windows

  • Acpaloves2havefun

    Is cydia supposed to be installed after jb? If not how do I install?

  • Lopaslo

    … time is dragging guys… i really could use that windows version of absinthe

  • Thisismeyouno

    i get a white screen when clicking on the absinthe icon

  • Clheckler

    mine worked great.  i think i’ll donate to their cause.   Thanks for all the work !!

  • Wendy

    I’m trying to jb my iPad 2 iOS 5.0.1 using the second version of absinthe.  Both the first and second version are stalling out on the “beginning jailbreak, this may take a while….”  the progress bar goes up about 10% then stops.  Not sure why this keeps happening.  Suggestions?

  • MBA13″

    buy a mac ;)

  • David

    Server appears to still be overloaded.

  • Dz

    Same here

  • たつたつ

    Check wether you have some vpn settings or not. If you have, delete it and enable vpn for “jailbreak’. After that, respring will start and get a cydia.

  • Nick

    just wanted to say me too.
    i have waited an hour, restarted the phone and reinstalled absinthe and have now been waiting 30 mins. the program wont go behind other windows either. like safari is partially covered by absinthe and wont go in front of it…

  • jackie

    mine too, and i tried rebooting my iPad 2, it still won’t work. but my iPhone 4s worked perfectly, it’s just my ipad2…why!?!?!

  • Samarthbhandari

    i cannot see safari and appstore icons (they appear white) even after a successful opening of cydia on my ipad 2.

  • Gatien1029

    i’m trying to jb my iphone 4S and when i open absinthe my iphone, that’s already plugged-in does not show up.

  • yash

    Mine is stuck at beigining jailbreak this may take a while…. 

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    F U, NOT everyone can afford one

  • KashNY

    i cannot open Absinthe on my mac. When i try, a message pops up saying the program has unexpectedly quit, and if i try to relaunch, it does not work either. I’ve tried both 1.2.1 and 1.2.2, neither work. I am on a Macbook Version 10.5.8. I would very much appreciate some help on this matter. Thank You.

  • Marco Sandtoes11

    for all of you having problems with no reboot after vpn error, try this:

    download the updated version of absinthe
    restore your ipad so that it completely takes away the jailbreak that you just tried.
    jailbreak your ipad again using the new version of absinthe.
    run the app. you will not need to go to the vpn setting anymore. 

    worked for me.
    hope this helps

  • mike

    has anyone found a solution to this? I’ve been pretty patient but it never gets past the “this may take a while” beginning 10% or so

  • AtiZo

    Well, with that attitude no wonder you don’t have a better job so you can afford one. :)

  • nick

    My 4S never shows the “restore in progress” and absinthe is stuck on the initial “begininning jailbreak” for a long time… anyone else facing this?

  • Lnd30499

    After I erase all settings and contents, I still get this error on my Iphone 4s FATAL: Assertion Failed AMDeviceValidatePairing ==095

  • Clheckler

    it will go away.. give it time.  when you download a new app or update an app they’ll all fix themselves.  been there before.  be patient.

  • Mitchell Pinkerton

    is anyone doing this for Windows? Trying to run the Jailbreak via CL getting stuck on
    cinject.exe -i payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig. Reciveing Send 1: Result too large. Any ideas? 

  • Seth Stejskal

    dunno, trying to figure this one out myself.  So far nothing works. . .

  • Imbest

    2 days still not working …

  • guest


  • Surx113

    help please my absinthe keeps saiying its has stop working just when its about to start ;/ its on windows

  • Guest

    got mine to get past the 10%, all you have to do is close the Absinthe program, and restart it, it will say something about jailbreak failed, and repairing.

    then Absinthe will ask you to disconnect and reconnect the usb, and try jailbreaking again, the jailbreak should go past the 10% this time

  • Guest

    use Absinethe V0.2 Windows GUI jailbreak tool

  • Guest

    Close Absinthe even though its stuck at 10%, wait a couple of seconds and then re-open Absinthe. it will detect that your last jailbreak attempt failed and try to repair it.

    Then Absinthe will ask you to unplug and replug the USB, it should go past the 10%, it happened to me and thats how I got the jailbreak to work

    Hope this helps..

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  • Cws_1986

    Success get the Absinthe apps on iPad 2 3g but when you turn on the vpn it keep go off and when you click the app it take you go to greenpois0n website. Any one know why?

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  • Jacobdale89

    I tried jailbreak didn’t work (windows) and now it says look like you attempted this jailbreak and it failed then it says recovery completed if you want to retry jailbreak unplug error but when I do, it gives me the same error again! It’s frustrating me so much because I was so excited for jailbreak (iPad 2 5.0.1) I’ve tried restarting my iPad and everything I possibly could but nothing’s helping

  • massssss

    everything works fine for me on the iPad 2 but once i click the Absinthe icon nothing happens from there?

  • Rangnahang

    I’m having the same problem. Should i restore my iPhone and try again?

  • Guest

    try restoring to factory after backing up everything and then using it

  • Lushy

    the greenpoison webpage shows up and then just stays there.. and when I try to turn on VPN it says there’s error starting it yet I see the jailbreak vpn setting loaded.. any ideas??

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  • Rodrigo Murrer

    I am having the same problem here! iPad 2 on iOS 5.0.1 running absinthe on Windows 7…it takes about 20 to 30 minutes on that “this may take a while” and then it progesses some more…the iPad start restoring but frezees in that restoring page…Then Absinthe closes. I have to unplug the iPad to unfreeze it. Then when I plug it again Absinthe says something like “it seems  you tried to jailbreak it before and had some problems…we will try to fix it”. Then it fizexs and ask me to unplug and plug it again…and then it can restart all the jailbreak process…but I did it 5 times with no good results so far. Any idea???

  • Aphexbgd

    I’m stuck also and i’m trying to JB 2 4s phones

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  • Guest

    have you tried restoring your ipad to factory before doing all this, backup your ipad first though

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  • Sik

    my vpn jailbreak doesnt connects what can i do

  • Fahim Blend

    well.i did all what you said.but i keep getting. Absinthe.exe Stoped Working 
    so how do i fix this ?

  • Clt0801

    I hav soame prob help

  • Fredhudson

    My theory is that if you updated to 5.0.1 over the cloud, then you have to restore your phone and download the 5.0.1 on to your itunes

  • Ronnsynth

    Okay, so I successfully jailbroke my iphone 4S iOS 5.0.1 with absinthe. It was working fine until I noticed that I can’t transfer songs into my iphone from itunes on my sync’d computer.

    does it have something to do with the fact that I jb’d the device from a different computer?

  • Dazza

    I was the same also could not connect to App store
    Had to do full restore lost some apps n stuff but needed the space lol

  • Karem Marie

    Help we jail broke one iPhone 4s but are stuck trying to jail brake the other. I reset the phone back to factory setting turned off the passcode backed up my data. When I try to booth absinthe in phone it rebooth but it dosnt load Cydia unlike it did with the other phone any ideas on what can I do to jail brake it?

  • Kussface

    i have tried 4 different computers trying to jailbreak my 4s but none of them works. the absinthe stops working. i dont have password nor vpn setup… anyone having this issue whom already resolved it? i need help plz 

  • dyords

    well i had the same problems with my iPad 2 when it stalled at around 10%. i just updated my IOS to 5.0.1 and iTunes restored it from backup. reading through all the blogs, one suggested to restore to factory setting. when i did it, it finally worked. 

    1. make sure to backup your device first
    2. restore to factory settings
    3. no passcode

    good luck.

  • doriangray

    This is how I fixed it after numerous “stuck @ 10%” failures:
    1. Downloaded fresh copy of Absinthe
    2. It asked to run repair for failed jb
    3. Asked to disconnect the phone and reconnect, instead I X-ed Absinthe and ran it again
    4. JailBreak worked.
    5. Coincidence? Maybe, but it worked!

  • Guest

    Easy Fix –> Go to properties [Windows 7],then compatibility ,Check Run this program in compability mode to Windows XP Service Pack 3. then Set Run as Administrator. then ok . have a try ;D

  • LDD


    Everything works fine up until the point that I have to tap the ‘Jailbreak’ icon. There is no such icon anywhere on any home screen. I can see the Absinthe icon no problem but no Jailbreak. I even checked all my folders. any ideas?

  • Rodrigo Murrer

    I didn’t want to restored to factory…but after trying all other alternatives I just did…and it worked!

  • Elianman1999

    How did you Restore to factory?

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  • Paige00

    im trying to jb my iphone4s, im using the second version of absinthe. when it says to plug in iphone, i did and then a message came up saying error detecting device type (idevice error-3)


  • Killarob

    Im having the same problem and im also using on the same version 10.5.8.  This may be a problem with an outdated mac version.

  • Yathavan375

    How do you restore i always get a failure error 20 or 1600

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  • Christ Tambunan

    same here and still fail. please tell me your ‘other alternatives’ bro… thx

  • Christ Tambunan

    same here….anybody can help us ??

  • Christ Tambunan

    already restored 5.0.1 ipad2 factory setting BUT still didn’t work … it seem I must delete the absinthe that previously installed. How to do it ? Anybody can help us ?

  • Christ Tambunan

    restored but still didn’t work

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  • Eric

    i have try restore but is show me an error massage which is (3194)

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  • Swiss

    Absinthe keeps saying “it looks like you have already tried to jailbreak this device and failed.
    helllllllllllllp please looks like it stuck in a loop now

  • Swiss

    what i did is i uninstalled the Absinthe app and now it doesnt work

  • Steven_willis

    Good day. That was my problem before, what I did was free up some space because I noticed while absinthe was loading its eating my free space on my disk drive, around 2gig.

  • Sagacity

    Apps would not load after using Absinthe.. I tried to restore using iTunes.. and now I’m stuck in recovery mode.. it says “Iphone could not be restored” Unknown Error (21).. anyone have a solution.. or do I have to take this to Apple Store bah!?

  • Scooter25

    I keep getting the same response when trying to jailbreak my 4S.  It says the jailbreak process failed, then absinthe does the recovery and asks me to unplug my device and plug back in and restart the jailbreak process.  Once I plug it back in, I get the jailbreak failed message again.  Don’t know what to do????

  • Kevin Meighen-Berger

    Not working for me. 
    Whenever I open the Absinthe app on my iPad 2 I have to push the “Jailbreak” button. (Did not have to do so on my iPhone 4s). It then tells me that it “Cannot open Absinthe” and “The URL can’t be shown”. If I go to Settings manually and try to enable VPN for Jailbreak it fails as well, saying “A configuration error occurred”. It does NOT reboot by itself, and even if I do so, the best I got was the loading bar going to about 40% (with the apple logo and stuff), then stopping and opening my non-jailbroken iPad. Frustrated as I was since my iphone worked perfectly, I decided to restore my iPad to factory settings and try again, still didn’t work, and I can’t get rid of Absinthe. Any help? If nothing else, how can I get rid of Absinthe?

  • Applyutm

    hi, I jailbroke my ipad2, my ios version was 5.0.1 and did it with absinthe, after while i tried to factory restore it. I tried to go on DFU mode, but i got an error number 21, and now i just have a usb and itune picture on my screen. I did pushed sleep/awake and home button together but i still have this problem, my ipad 2 only shows itune and usb picture. please help me guys. tq

  • Omikay

    For the error restore. If it seems to get stuck at one point. I have to use blackrain to jumpstart the iPhone to get iTunes to complete the restore.

    My problem with this absinthe is that I launch the program on my Mac and I can’t hit the jailbreak button absinthe won’t recognize my devices.

  • Wolfapi

    Please try absinthe, after install the latestd iTines 10.5.3.
    and read the absinthe instructions regarding password and vpn.
    Hope it helps

  • Driftking7930

    I having trouble JB my Iphone 4s I am getting error message. I need some help thank you…

  • Jacobbarone

    same with me

  • Martinnicolasjuan

    Hello I tried to jailbreak my iphone 4s but whet i clicked jailbreak it did not reboot but the process was still continuing and what it finished it said “looks like you attempted to do this jailbreak and it failed” what do i do ???

  • James

    totally useless on ipad 2 ggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Tariq Madani®

    Simple! D/L Ubuntu and try it. It’s FREE and SMOOTH ;)

  • Bear Treu

    Actually, you should install a linux distro.  The OS is better than windows, and the absinthe runs like butter.

  • Bear Treu

    Why would you buy a mac when you could save hundreds on a faster prettier linux distro?

  • Mizi

    I encountered this problem minutes ago, I sorta fixed it. 
    what i did was ;
    1. Did a restore on iTunes. (don’t do a backup just yet)
    2. Run Absinthe.

    When it finished rebooting your device after the Absinthe did a restore, you’d be placed on a lock screen, i notices it sleeps if you don’t do anything, i decided to play with the ‘slide to unlock’ but don’t slide to unlock it just slide half way until the Absinthe finishes sending payload data. click on Absinthe, i did not tap the jailbreak button and i waited a minute, it reboots and cydia is installed.

    mine is iPad 2 GSM running on iOS 5.0.1

  • heartiness

    I do have the same exactly problem but with iphone4s. Nothing is happening and it doesnt matter how long i wait or install and reinstall everything its always the same story and Mizi’s suggestion didnt help as well. What can I say – crap.

  • Samkp1904

    Hello All,… PEN.S here.. LOL 

    If Absinthe is not detecting your device and you are sure you have the 4S with the correct version. 

    Go to services in Windows, restart or start the ” Apple mobile device” service and tada.. 

    Hope this help!

  • Yynotme

    I too got the Greenpoison webpage when I opened Absinthe on Iphone 4S…What next?

  • Sandy239

    There is a version of Absinthe for 10.5.8

  • Xstonex10

    says tried to apply jailbreak but failed any advice

  • Jordanhew91

    Thank You To Mizi,Its Work…I Had Jailbroken My Ipad2…

  • guest

    Was about to try Mizi’s method..all I did was rebooted my IPAD2 and it worked the second time through. and I also removed my passcode too… that might have done it.


    My iPad goes thru the process n have the absinthe logo app but wen I open it absinthe don’t load it sends me the note. “tap jailbreak to turn on VPN name jailbreak in order to jailbreak the device but stil don’t work.

  • hello

    restoring my iphone 4s because i jailbroke it and absinthe did not load because i put a passcode on :@google-761a8aa8afee5eb08d142100ff24a398:disqus 

  • cherrygrocery

    At first, it didn’t work for me too. What I did was:

    1. Remove passcode!
    2. Deleted Absinthe icon from iPhone screen
    3. Unplugged phone from Windows PC
    4. Launched Absinthe in PC
    5. Plugged in iPhone
    6. Did the jailbreak steps again

    Then it worked. Phone booted on its own & Cydia app was there already.

    Hope this helps. :)

  • Feel_me2ky

     I had the same problem until i figured out what i did wrong. Restore (*not update) your ipad. However, do not restore from backup after your ipad is reloaded, rather set up as a new ipad and run Absinthe. all you will be required to do is open the Absinthe app after its loaded and it won’t ask you to set up your VPN or click jailbreak.

  • Nacado12

    Trying to jb iphone 4s with absinthe, keeps saying to disable password in itunes how can i do that? Thanks for any help!

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  • MesopotamiaN

     i faced the same problem and what you need to do is to

    1 –  delete the absinthe software completely and re-extract it again on your desktop (thats in case you downloaded it as ZIP or RAR file on windows)..because when you extract it you will find a new folder that contains some files which causes this problem.

    2- or you can try it on another PC and thats is the best way and it should be a Fast PC.

    but im facing new problem , asking me to run a VPN instead of closing it and i tried to remove it and restart and reinstall it but it still the same…

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  • Leeovens

    i downloaded absinthe and jb my new 4s and it worked fine ( got cydia like i wanted )
    but then i connected to itunes and restored the original settings
    lost cydia and i dont think it is jb now
    tryed to launch absinthe again but the jailbreak button stays grey
    is there any way around this

  • leeovens

    i jb my new 4s witn absinthe and it worked fine ( got cydia like i wanted )
    then i connected to itunes and restored it, now i have lost cydia
    is my 4s not jb now
    when i start absinthe the jb button stays grey
    and carnt see my os
    is there something that can be done as i need to get cydia back

  • Kyo

     Kevin, I am JBing my 4S and encounter the exact same problem. I am still stuck…

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  • Nathan

    I have the exact same problem of ” 
    beginning jailbreak, this may take a while….” with an iPhone 4S using iOS 5.0.1 (9A405)
    So i had already done all those instructions like restore, no passcode, i even switch the Auto-lock period from 1 minute by default to Never…so what can I do??
    Absinthe 0.4 just crashed after a 30 min wait period.. :( HELP !!!

  • Crxtyper111

     Worked perfectly. Thanks for the info

  • Helpmeplz

    What will happen if jaibreak fail and how I can fix it
    Also, someone said erasing all the information of the ipad2 will help the jailbreaking process be fast and the rate of success will be higher,is that true?

  • Harrymi1

    i have intalled 5.0.1 ok in my iphone 4s my brother thought it was his iphone and deleted the cydia sign with the cydia picture shown,please help me as i want the cydia to be shown on my iphone from the day i installed Absinthe.I pluged the iphone cable to my labtop to re install and it shows this device have been jail broken already,PLEASE PLEASE ADVICE ME WHAT SHALL I DO.Im very upset and have security code my phone now for NO ONE TO ACCESS.Please help me.Thank you.

  • InfErnaL EyEs

    My phone was jailbroken when I got this new update for my iphone 4s. after updating jail break got undone automatically. and now when i am trying to do it again with absinthe it shows error that your device does not support it.
    redsn0w is also showing an error and then stops responding.
    Please help me and suggest me what to do.

  • Panayiotis Talianos

    how come when i try to connect my device it says device is not supported…does it matter that i tried to jailbreak it before and restored it?

  • Jumper196

    you’re gay

  • Badongskie2000

    Not working for me. 
    Whenever I open the Absinthe app on my iPad 2 I have to push the “Jailbreak” button. (Did not have to do so on my iPhone 4s). It then tells me that it “Cannot open Absinthe” and “The URL can’t be shown”. If I go to Settings manually and try to enable VPN for Jailbreak it fails as well, saying “A configuration error occurred”. It does NOT reboot by itself, and even if I do so, the best I got was the loading bar going to about 40% (with the apple logo and stuff), then stopping and opening my non-jailbroken iPad. Frustrated as I was since my iphone worked perfectly, I decided to restore my iPad to factory settings and try again, still didn’t work, and I can’t get rid of Absinthe. Any help? If nothing else, how can I get rid of Absinthe? 

  • Rulbp21

    how to fix jail broken ipad 2( with absinthe),stuck on apple logo.Any help will be appreciated.

  • M1ss_lyn

    Hi, i was unsuccessfully installed Absinthe on my 4S 5.0.1. Please instruct me how to convert my ip to its original condition before jailbreaking? Thank so much. I’d do anything to restore but i don’t want to lose my contact, phone log, or sms either. Thanks again

  • lyda

    i keep trying but every time i run the absinthe program it doesnt recognise my device. i have an ipad 2 with ios 5.0. i cant find what the problem is.

  • baria

    “”the attached device is not supported””. why is that??? i have an ipad 2 ios5.0 and windows.

  • goochie mane

    does anyone elses jailbreak go extremely quick then says “restore complete. if you would like to retry jailbreaking connect and try again”  i have restored my iphone 4s and have tried multiple times but it is still not working have also tried re downloading absinthe on my comp…help please!!

  • Mashidear

    I can’t open absinthe. It runs as an DOS screen and nothing was happen then

  • K-DOS

    My Iphone 4S just would not jailbreak. I hit the the jailbreak button on my iphone it says restore in progress and it completes in 2 seconds, it reboots and nothing happens why????

  • K-DOS

    and on absinthe it says recovery complete. im really getting pissed off!

  • Ghost


  • Jerryel1nico

    update to 5.1.1 then jailbreak

  • Sham_ash

    thanks it worked for me when deleted all datas and tried jail breaking

  • Idavidkim

    after i jailbroke my ipad, and i downloaded some cydia apps i had to restart my ipad but it wont turn on…. does anyone have any suggestions of what i should do cus i have no idea…… i wont turn on

  • Chanjaime

    when i jailbroke everything and i clicked on cydia it restarted my ipod and it deleted some of my icons like the camera videos app store etc. what went wrong?

  • Chanjaime

    when it restarted my ipod when i clicked on cydia when it rebboted it erased some of my apps like the app store,vids,camera etc.
     what went wrong?

  • Popwarpro

    Even when I plug my device in it doesn’t auto detect my iPhone 4. It just says, “plug in device to begin.”

  • Mr. Omar Ibrahim

    after my i paid is jailbroken i dont know how to use cydia would please any one support me

  • George Pugeva

    Today I have jailbreak my iPhone 4s running iOS 5.1.1 using absinthe 2.0.4. It was successful and I have been using it the whole day today but just 20 mins ago something happened. If open a app the page minimizes to the top left corner :( I can close them but I couldn’t read or do anything. I received messages but when I open to read them it minimizes or say, zoom to the top left corner. I turned it off and turn it on again but still the same. Tried jailbreak it again but I couldn’ because password it on and I couldn’t turn it off, also it says I have already jailbreak the device. Now I’m using the iTune to restore it to its factory default. Not even sure what I’m doing but I hope it works. Any idea guys? please I need your help! :(

  • i cant

    i cant still use is it it still says (your i phone is not supported)

  • Jdrury97

    my ipad wont charge, or connect, or anything, however when i plug it into the wall or PC in off mode it boots up, just not charging! any solutions?

  • Bud Parker

    I have jailbroken my IPhone 4S.  After pressing Cydia icon, most of my icons have disappeared.  Now I can’t even access “Settings.”  Music is gone, etc.  What’s up?

  • Ian O Dwyer

    trying to restore iphone 4s it says apple server is not avaible or busy trying to roll it to 5.1.1 9b206 not 208

  • F0rthejunks

    I cannot open absinthe. Can someone help me?

  • Aliyasmina

    i tried jailbreaking my ipad2 iOS 5.1.1 and after i press the jailbreak button it goes normally… at the end after restoring its giving me the following:
    something went wrong … if you want to retry jailbreaking unplug your device and plug it back in ….
    i tried more than 5 times and its not working
    any solution ???

  • Troy

    im a complete beginner to this so not sure what im doing wrong but when i install absinthe and redsn0w on windows it recognises my 4s but the jailbreak button remains grey? any ideas as i am a complete novice?

  • Luvs2spooge669

    Hey I’ve tried everything to jb my iPhone 4s!!! I have a windows. Used absinthe. And the jb button is always greyed out!!!!! Wtf??!! So I’ve tried the jb in safe mode. Nothing. Tried rebooting. Nothing. Tried having iPhone off when performing jb. Nothing works!!! Please help!!! If you have an idea please email me @

  • Arturo

    I used the reboot option from SB Settings and afterwards my untethered jailbreak with Absinthe looked as if a tethered jailbroken device was rebooted. I can’t restore it at all because I don’t have that option on Absinthe, only “Jailbreak.” Please help!

  • James

    it should go eventually but idk exactly wats happening. With mine it says that for about 5 minutes then it says loading basic jb files, then it just either fails or tells me it cant connect to the lockdown.

  • Cindyjo2u

    mine did the same thing, did u get yours fixed?

  • Cindyjo2u

    mine did the same thing, did u get urs fixed?

  • Jail

    please, i need your help. How to understand the algorithm of Absinthe? How to make your changes in Absinthe?

  • Kaiden MCWitherModsAndProducts

    I have IOS 7.1 running on Ipad 2 and i turned my passcode set off and my passcode off and it still says ERROR:Device has a passcode set! If a pascode is set the jailbreak procedure will most likey fail. Unplug device, Go to settings and DISABLE THE PASSCODE, then plug it back in