Reminder: Change Your Root SSH Password On iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch After You Jailbreak iOS 6.x [How To]

With every new Jailbreak release there is always a lot of new people who Jailbreak their devices and forget about one important step. Heck, I bet even a lot of individuals who have Jailbroken in the past forget about it. Just what is this important step? Well, changing your SSH (root) password. A couple questions that I am sure come to mind when hearing this is “why would you want to change your SSH password, and what is an SSH password?

When you Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad on any firmware version you are gaining root access over the entire iOS filesystem. By default your iOS device protects itself from being tampered with by a root user using password protection. The problem is, everyone has the same root password – “alpine”. Which means hackers, are free to gain full root access to your iOS device if they please (this actually happened awhile back). Considering this is a big threat to your security, we are going to show you how to change your devices root password on the iOS 6.x firmware generation. For those of you who have followed previous guides, the process is exactly the same and actually works on any firmware version.


Change SSH Password iOS 6.x

Step 1) The first thing you will need to do is install MobileTerminal to your device. To do this simply launch Cydia, search for “MobileTerminal” and install it. There is two version of MobileTerminal currently in Cydia. One that is called MobileTerminal and one that is called MobileTerminal (obsolete). Download the one labeled MobileTerminal.

Step 2) When you have installed MobileTerminal to your device, you can begin changing your root password. The first thing you are going to need to do is launch MobileTerminal from the SpringBoard. Once MobileTerminal is up and running you will need to enter the following commands into MobileTerminal.

1st command: su root

(press return)

2nd command: alpine

(press return)

3rd command: passwd

(press return)

Now you are going to need to type a password that you will remember (you won’t see any characters displayed when you type). Once you are done press return. You will then need to re-type the password and press return once again.

4th command: exit

(press return)

Step 3) Now that you have changed your root password to your device. One more thing you may want to do is change your mobile password, which is also by default, alpine. You can do this by following the steps below. Once again, ensure you enter the following commands exactly as shown (case sensitive).

1st command: passwd

(press return)

2nd command: alpine

(press return)

Now you are going to need to type in another password that you will remember, probably the same one you used before. (you won’t see any characters displayed when you type). Once you are done press return. You will then need to then re-type the password again and press the return button.

3rd command: exit

(press return)

That wasn’t too bad was it? Your iPhone 5 or other Jailbroken device on iOS 6.x is now more secure and protected against unauthorized access. Let us know if you have any questions or further thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. IWantMyMPG says:

    Great tutorial :)

  2. Connor Steele says:

    Can i delete terminal after I’ve done this?

  3. i forget my new password what should i do?

  4. 2peteshakur says:

    yes, delete it! :)

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