GeoHotz And The fail0verflow Team Are Being Sued By Sony!

Well I suppose this was only inevitable… It appears as if Sony is now suing GeoHotz and the whole fail0verflow team, who were responsible for the Playstation 3 jailbreak. Sony is sueing GeoHotz and his accomplice’s on the grounds that they have broke the Digital Millennium Copyright by the recent publication of the PS3′s encryption routines and subsequent release of Hotz’s firmware 3.55 jailbreak. What is more surprising is that they are suing 100 other individuals who have contributed to this playstation 3 jailbreak.


What will Happen to GeoHotz and his team?  By reading the Proposed order legal document we have quoted the following “condensed” informtaion:

GeoHotz and the Fail0verflow team will have a temporary restraining order, until their court date. This restraining in general order means that GeoHotz and his accomplices are reframed from doing the following:
1. Offering to the public Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (“ECDSA”) Keys,
encryption and/or decryption keys, dePKG firmware decrypter program, Signing Tools,
3.55 Firmware Jailbreak, and/or any other technologies that enable unauthorized access to
and/or copying of PS3 Systems and other copyrighted works (hereinafter, “Circumvention
2. Engaging in acts of circumvention of TPMs in the PS3 System to access,
3. Engaging in unauthorized access to the PS3 System in order to obtain,
access, or transmit any program, code, information or command therein.
4. Publishing, posting, or distributing any information, code, program,
instructions, video, or other material obtained by circumventing TPMs in the PS3 System
or by engaging in unauthorized access to the PS3 System.

What is Even more surprising Is:

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that, within ten (10) business days of this Order,
Defendant Hotz shall deliver to Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, Two Embarcadero,
8th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111 for impoundment any computers, hard drives, CDroms, DVDs, USB stick, and any other storage devices on which any Circumvention Devices are stored in Defendant Hotz’s possession, custody or control

As you can see, Sony is definitely not going down without a fight. They are doing everything in their power to prevent jailbreaking the playstation 3 from going mainstream. Which in case you haven’t already figured out, in their perspective, is a bad thing, because with jailbreaking comes piracy.We will let you know if we hear anymore information on GeoHotz court order… Until then if you are interested you can check out the legal documents that belong to this case.

  • Motion for TRO
  • Proposed Order

What are your thoughts on GeoHotz and his team being sued? Do you think this is the end to the playstation 3 jailbreak?

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