Capture Slow Motion Video On Older Devices Just Like The iPhone 5s With Slo-mo Mod

One of the reasons you want to buy an iPhone 5s is obviously TouchID, but another underrated feature is the ability to take slow motion video. This functionality works by shooting 720p video at a high frame rate of 120fps vs the regular frame rate of 30fps. This means the video can be slowed down to quarter of the speed and still appear normal to the human eye.

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  • Bart

    “Unfortunately devices like the iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPad 4, iPad 3, original iPad mini, iPod touch 4g and iPod touch 5g are not supported as they record videos only at 30 frames per second.”

    So you saying iPhone 5 and 5C supports slo-mo?

  • Jonathan

    I have an iPod 5, and can now do 60 frames per second. I thought for sure it wasn’t going to work. I guess I’m wrong. :)

  • Harry

    No and yes, those devices record at half the frame rate of the iPhone 5s

  • Benlego65

    I installed the tweak and tried this with my 5c; the end result is NOTHING like that of the 5s. All I get is a choppy video for the moments of “slow-mo.” The tweak doesn’t quite do what it’s meant to, but honestly what can one expect from a hardware limitation?

  • Dani Hayes

    It’s not a hardware limitation but a software limitation. The 4S was capable of 60fps with Slopro on iOS 5. Now Apple only let’s it have 30fps because they do not want others to have a better fps for slomo recording, a major selling point in the 5s.

  • Benlego65

    I understand the possibility of software limitations and/or hardware limitations such as your mentioned software limitation of the 4S, but that doesn’t change the fact that the cameras on devices other than the 5s are simply unable to record at 120FPS. They simply aren’t designed for it.

  • Dj Redbull

    It’s working great on the iPhone 5! 60FPS and slow-mo looks great! The tweak also installed the burst photo mode for me! That’s great too!