Sicarious Cydia Tweak Enhances Multitasking In iOS 7

Looking for a visual enhancement and additional functionality to add to your iOS 7 multitasking switcher? Sicarious is a free tweak available in the ModMyi repo, developed by Dany Lisiansky who has also created tweaks like AttacherPro (which will be updated soon for iOS 7) as well as CCControls which was just released in Cydia today.


Sicarious adds a nice 3D animation and other features to the app switcher including closing all your apps at once and the ability to re-spring your device. When users swipe up on the home screen in the multitasking switcher the first time, this will quit all their apps if they have any applications open and the second time will re-spring their device (unless they select the option for the tweak to ask them before hand). Users will also notice they can swipe more than one application up to quit them and see the 3D effect take place.

The tweak adds a preference pane to the Settings app where the user can enable or disable the 3D view, excluded certain apps from the quit all function and others like, “ask before quiting” in the quit all option and restart SpringBoard option.


I personally think it’s a nice little tweak that provides additional functionality, is easy to use and is something you will be able to show your friends what they can install when they jailbreak their Apple devices. Lets us know what you think of the Sicarious tweak in the comment section.

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  1. macaddict says:

    Preferences will not load :-(

  2. Jptidus Sidus says:

    not work en my iphone 5s 7.0.4

  3. xBoomBastiKx says:

    You guys should see an update this weekend for 64 bit support by this weekend. The Developer is pushing a update for this and CCControls for iPhone 5S support. My bad for not putting that information into the article, Im using iPhone 5!

  4. Inderjit Aujla says:

    plz help me..i have an iphone5 7.0.4 and I was getting problem in sound in apps so i reboot and all of my apps disappear and safari mail calculator keeps on crashing…

  5. You could always swipe up on more than one app to close ’em at the same time… iOS supports that feature by default

  6. xBoomBastiKx says:

    Sounds like you need to do a restore.

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