Add More Cydia Repositories / Sources For Downloading Apps, Tweaks, And Mods

The Evasi0n jailbreak tool has been out for a couple of days now, so traffic through Cydia is letting up. Now it’s time to get some of those cool apps, tweaks, and mods you’ve been wanting to download. Repositories, or otherwise known as sources, host packages for you to download and apply to your jailbroken iDevice.

The sources listed below are separate from the ones Cydia automatically includes on your device. Some of these sources do contain “cracked” packages. Cracking an app, tweak, or mod allows you to download paid-for Cydia packages for free. These cracked apps are not always updated, safe for download, or even functioning (as such it is recommended that you always purchase Cydia tweaks from their original source and only add the repositories we have listed for access to packages not available on community repos).¬†Along with the apps, tweaks, and mods included with these sources, are games, wallpapers, themes, ringtones, fonts and many more.

Cydia sources

These sources contain some of the most popular Cydia packages like BiteSMS, Zephyr, Auxo, Barrel, SBSettings, FullForce, Activator, Infinidock, Infiniboard, Infinifolders, AndroidLock, Color Keyboard, and many many more. These are just some of many Cydia sources / repositories available, let us know your favourites in the comments section below.

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  1. Article should be titled
    ‘how to pirate tweaks’

  2. Word. A shame these repos are advertised, as if one of the low-life ppl “test-driving” a tweak (there are loads and loads of reviews on youtube plus other ways to see what a tweak is worth, as most of the more expensive tweaks offer trials. The test-drive argument is complete bullshit) would care about the phoney disclaimer in the text.

    Seriously, if you buy an expensive smartphone (even if it comes with a contract, you are actually paying for it lol), you are probably able to afford to give developers their hard-earned cash. At this price point you should probably take a bite of every hotdog, hamburger and single fry before paying for it lol.

  3. pirate here, reporting in.

    would just like to say stiff shit you all you do-gooder wankers.
    have terrabytes of pirated apps and media, and of course tons of pirated tweaks. Could not give two shits.

  4. mad?, your bragging that your scum? Nice.

    I agree with the others above, people can find these repos if they want, they don’t need advertising here.
    While a few of these repos have some legit apps, most are just for pirating.
    Tom, the “testing” that you can do with pirated apps is a legitimate argument, but I agree most do just pirate and never pay. I do wish all apps had a trial period before buying. I hate “wasting” $2-3 on an app that I buy then it does not do what I want or even crashes the phone.

  5. actually, I usually used theses repos to test the tweaks i wanted to buy. So yeah thanks to them i did not spend/waste my money on tweaks that were useless. Currently, I have bought more than 100 tweaks from cydia, and it is all thanks to the pirate repos.

  6. reviews from youtube can misleading since the reviewer is not able to show all the compatibility issues with other tweaks or different firmware. It happened to me few times that i bought the tweak and it did not work. But it worked on the youtube video.

  7. In some cases that might be true, but developer’s stories are a testament to the opposite. Why would the devs of more “expensive” tweaks otherwise include their own DRM? I am not questioning your intention to actually test-drive a tweak and I totally see the point of your compatibility argument – but do most people act the way you do? Of course not. I therefore do not see piracy as a viable alternative to a trial mode, in a real world scenario.

  8. Exactly. This is probably one of the least well-thought out articles in awhile. It might as well have been titled “How to fuck legit devs on Cydia by installing pirate repos”…


  9. Ah, and a legit one at that. Thanks!

  10. Or two bucks apparently. Low life scum maggot.

  11. Don’t be rude about someone else’s article, why aren’t you the one writing posts if this one is so terrible. Everyone has their opinion on the article content, but I wouldn’t insult the writer who probably worked hard writing this.

  12. I thought you guys were against pirating apps.

  13. Johnny Law says:

    They should not be posting this on this site. I’d recommend taking it down.

  14. Big Thank You IJailbreak For all these Repo you guys are great !!!

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