RecognizeMe: Facial Recognition Security For The iPhone!

An interesting YouTube video has surfaced today of a new tweak coming into Cydia. This tweak has been named RecognizeMe and is claimed to bring biometric security to your iDevice. Meaning that instead of having to enter a passcode on the lockscreen you can use facial recognition technology. According to the official description of RecognizeMe:

RecognizeMe is the first Facial Recognition security for the iPhone. Although not perfect, RecognizeMe does a pretty good job at facial recognition, given optimal conditions. RecognizeMe sits on the iPhone passcode screen, so it serves as an alternate to, rather than a replacement for the passcode.

RecognizeMe looks like it would be a neat addition to the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and I am sure hoping it will be released! Take a look at the YouTube video of RecognizeMe below…

We will be sure to keep you guys updated on the development status of RecognizeMe. Until that time let us know if this would be something that you would be interested in having on your iDevice.

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  • Ijailbreaker

    Looks cool.  I want that.  But what happens when someone prints out a picture of you and wears it like a mask?

  • Budhna Roshan46

     well smart question!!!!

  • Jaden

     Ahaha very true!!

  • Wilson Wong

     guess typing in your password to unlock it would still be loads faster than the face recognition to approve but it is still a cool tweak!

  • DeFlanko

     This should be for devices like DirecTV or XBOX or PS3 for Parental Controls…