Type Faster On iOS With The PredictiveKeyboard Cydia Tweak

PredictiveKeyboard is a brand new Cydia tweak that was recently released that brings autocompletion to your iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 6. This is similar to popular keyboards on Android devices and it is no wonder why!

After playing around with PredictiveKeyboard I have to say it definitely allows you to type faster once you get used to it. Essentially PredictiveKeyboard works by trying to guess the word that you are going to be typing. It will offer you 3 suggestions and if you see the word you are trying to type you can tap on it and it will automatically appear.

PredictiveKeyboard Cydia Tweak iJailbreak

At first PredictiveKeyboard may not be able to guess which words you are typing with perfect accuracy, but as you use it more it will learn the words you type and serve to you more relevant suggestions.

Anywhere the keyboard is activated PredictiveKeyboard will be there waiting to help increase your typing productivity.

You can find PredictiveKeyboard in the BigBoss repo for a price of $2.39. You don’t actually purchase the tweak directly on the BigBoss repo though. You first download it, go into its preferences panel, purchase a license using PayPal and then the tweak gets activated.

Let us know what you think of PredictiveKeyboard in the comments section below.

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