My Personal Experiences Without iBlacklist And Why You Should Have It On Your iPhone

This past summer I learned two things. Everyone loves to text and you cannot fully block someone from your contacts. As such, I wished there was an option to download iBlacklist after I received my iPhone 5.

AT&T does have an option for a person to buy smart limits. It’s $4.99 a month and you can block up to 30 phone numbers. I found out it doesn’t work that well though. After my girlfriend cheated on me I thought the best way to forget her was to block her telephone number using AT&T. When I paid AT&T and set everything up I received a text message from her saying, “you already blocked my number?

I found out I could receive and send text messages to her if iMessage was turned on. In addition to iMessage a person can receive MMS messages from a blocked number with iMessage turned off. If I turn off iMessage then texting all my friends with an iPhone won’t be free anymore. Isn’t there an option to turn off individual contacts from iMessage? There are millions of people using an iPhone that surely are in my same predicament.


iBlacklist could of blocked both her Calls and SMS even if she tried to call me blocking her number with an Unknown or Restricted ID.  What girls haven’t experienced an ex-boyfriend trying to call them by an unknown number then fall back into their trap? iBlacklist has the option to send the call directly to Voicemail, busy signal, accept and hangup, no action or accept. I could of setup iBlacklist to receive no notifications from her, restrict her number and delete anything she ever said without knowing later.

Let’s take another situation. Have you noticed unwanted text messages from a group chat? Example; Two of your friends would argue or just keep texting each other morning or night, but you were included in the group message? You might even send the group a text telling them to stop, but the texts kept pilling up. I ended up using the iPhone’s “do not disturb” at night time, but by the morning I would have a bunch of messages. One time I woke up and had 94 unread text messages!


iBlacklist has the option to allow a contact or friend to call me, while blocking their SMS and have it auto reply anything I want back to that person. I found out that auto reply does not come up in the group chat though, and only is sent to that individual person you have chosen.

Finally, 136 days later a new tool was released called evasi0n to jailbreak our iPhone’s. After downloading SBSettings, iBlacklist was next. It’s one of the oldest applications going back to 2007 when the first iPhone was introduced. Its intentions are simple. Create an application that will block Calls or SMS from the Apple stock Phone and Messages application with plenty of options! Go to Cydia and download a free trial of iBlacklist, you’ll find it useful.

Enjoy the luxuries of your newly jailbroken iDevice.

Here is the iBlacklist Manual you can download for free to help you get started.

Download iBlacklist Manual

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  1. iBlacklist is just bad app. I had it on every iPhone model. It used to brick phone, crash iOS without no reason with only solution to restore (loosing everything), deleting SMS and iMessage history with no option to get it back a plethora of problems. And this is just with normal use, no power using at all. With every new iPhone model or iOS I hoped it would get better. No other app gave me that much problems. And I am not the only one, almost everyine that used it had some kind of unfixable problem. App is just awful, not worth it.

  2. iUser,
    Im using it on iPhone 5 iOS 6.1
    The app has filter options to Save History or Delete the message within the application. The app will hide and delete the messages from iMessage which is the point of blocking a contact. When you first add a contact to Blacklist it will delete the history from iMessage if you have had any prior messaging with them. Also if you delete a Blacklist contact sometimes it won’t save the messaging history from history and save it back to iMessage. The point of the app is to block SMS or Calls.

  3. Sorry you had a bad experience. I am still on 5.1.1 and have been using iBlacklist since v4x, there were some early problems but it works exceptionally well up to 5.1.1. I’ll upgrade to 6x later and try it then. But really, come on now, its not all that bad!

  4. I’ve been using iBlacklist since iPhone 4, 4S and iOS 5 and have never had any problems with it. Let alone brick any of my devices. For me this app is always a must have. It was one of the reasons I never upgraded to iOS 6 until there was aJB for it. This app, ipFirewall and lockinfo are just some apps I could never do without. IBlacklist definitely recommended. Very useful, and works

  5. iblacklist crashing to safemode in 6.1 evasion jb 4s …. using call blocker n am happy with it…..

  6. Might be an issue with another tweak. The author reports his had no issues with the iPhone 5’s his tested and some 4S’s his tested. I know Auxo and Zephyr had conflicts and Auxo has since been updated. WeatherIcon causes safe mode as well.

  7. I had iblacklist on my 4s 5.0.1 an I had problems with FaceTime. People that called me it would never ring but get missed call. So I had delete all my tweaks one by one to find out that was iblacklist causing it. But then was an update for it an fixed it.

  8. xBoomBastiKx says:

    If your iPhone has been entering Safe Mode frequently you most likely have a mobile substrate add-on not functioning properly.

    Open the SBSettings app and tap Mobile Substrate Addons, disable every single one, and see if you can get into normal mode. Now enable one, respring, enable another, respring, and repeat until you find yourself in Safe Mode. The one you last enabled is the culprit.

  9. iMessage & MMS use your Internet connection, hence your ISP not blocking them.

  10. Well, it did it’s job, I can’t say that it didn’t. But the by-product of it’s use was unrepairable. So, Do-Not-Disturb for me from now on

  11. The point is to block (further) communication, not delete history. And there is no warning of loosing history whatsoever.

  12. Oh, okay, someone from iBlacklist is using multiple usernames to post positive comments. How sad.

  13. I was happy with iBlacklist until I upgraded from a 3GS to IPhone 4 and was told by their support that I would have to buy their software again since and I quote “It was re-written from the ground up to work on iOS4 so you must buy the software again”… But yet I could have kept my 3GS, updated to iOS4 and installed it for free. After very poor support I went and bought it again for my iPhone 4 because I really needed it. Now that I am on the iPhone 5 I will only get the cracked version of this software because I am not buying it a third time… I believe that is truly asinine.

  14. xBoomBastiKx says:

    You can email them and they can set you up with migration. I received a 50% discount

  15. xBoomBastiKx says:

    Maybe theres another tweak you have installed thats conflicting with iBlacklist

  16. xBoomBastiKx says:

    you don’t use iBlacklist to change your disqus account name iUser.

  17. xBoomBastiKx says:

    You can either choose to clear out all the history, delete your text or their text individually from iBlacklist app. Its pretty straight forward

  18. xBoomBastiKx says:

    It puts their messages or MMS into iBlacklist. As a user you can have the option to delete their messages when you receive on in iBlacklist or choose to delete there conversations in iBlacklist. It blocks both iMessage and MMS from the stock Messaging App

  19. xBoomBastiKx says:

    I have had no problems with FaceTime and the prior version supposedly fixed the FaceTime issue

  20. xBoomBastiKx says:

    Yes, If I want too. I can setup iBlacklist when I receive a message from a certain person delete their history because If I don’t want to see what you text me I can set it up to delete it. It should be my decision and I should have access to do that on my phone.

  21. xBoomBastiKx says:

    when you receive a message from a person a user can either setup up messages to “save history” and “delete message.” If both toggles are on and they are configured that way to start off with. When you receive a text you can again set it up to “show on status bar” “sound notify” or Vibrate” as well. when you received a message from a Blacklist person you can go to View history to see their message because it will have a purple triangle and you can click on the blue triangle to read it. If you select the persons name you can either “call” “send message” “read” “Cancel” or “Delete.” In the Top right hand corner of View History if you select clear. You will receive a pop up saying “ALL” “Calls” “Messages” or “Cancel”

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