Motion Cydia Tweak Causes Total Chaos To Your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad SpringBoard

Are you looking to cause total chaos to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s SpringBoard (homescreen)? If so, then you should check out the Motion Cydia tweak that really makes your SpringBoard icons move. The developer of the Motion Cydia tweak states there are a whole bunch of settings you can use to liven up your home screen and make your icons dance around such as:

  • Rotate: Make your icons rotate
  • Scaling: Make your icons grow
  • Skew: Make your icons tilt sideways
  • Flip: Make your icons flip upside down
  • Jump: Make your icons jump
  • Transparency: Make your icons fade in and out
  • Waves: make your icons move in waves

The settings mentioned above can be used alone, or in combinations and to be honest the screenshots really don’t show just how neat the Motion Cydia tweak really is.

Note: The Motion Cydia tweak does not add any icons to your SpringBoard (homescreen) and it is good to keep in mind that the Motion Cydia tweak can be configured through the

If you are interested in the Motion tweak you can find it through the BigBoss repo for $1.00. Let us know your thoughts on the Motion tweak in the comments section below…

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