Control The From Your SpringBoard With SpringPod Cydia Tweak

Are you looking for a new way to control your music with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? If you are then you may want to check out the SpringPod Cydia tweak that adds a set of icons to your iOS Device’s SpringBoard (homescreen) that can, for example, pause/play music playback. The SpringPod Cydia tweak also allows you to display a track’s information from anywhere!

Note: The SpringPod Cydia tweak adds numerous icons to your SpringBoard.

If you are interested in the SpringPod tweak you can find it through the ModMyi repo for $0.99. Let us know your thoughts on the SpringPod tweak in the comments section below…

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  1. Noah Maranesi says:

    This is a very good tweak, especially if your multitasking bar takes to long to open. You can easily use these icons on your home screen.

    Also, you don’t always have to go into to play music, you can do it straight from your SB

  2. I personally don’t feel this is worth $0.99. Maybe if I could dedicate a whole slide page to them it would be.

  3. You’re right, this tweak sure is not worthy of anyone buying for $0.99. It may be if you really don’t care what you buy and just buy anything, but if you look at it closely, it’s just a bunch of stupid looking icons on your springboard

  4. which is exactly why I want a 4S, because the apps open way faster and the whole phone is more responsive.

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