Put Your iPhone In Airplane Mode When You Flip It Upside Down With iSleepWell Cydia Tweak

The iSleepWell Cydia tweak will actually put your iPhone into Airplane Mode when you flip it upside down using the accelerometer. This can be useful for when you want to go to bed, as instead of having to manually swipe airplane mode ON from the Settings.app, you can simply flip it upside down on your bedside table. Something else to keep in mind is that from the iSleepWell Cydia tweak’s settings you can set a pre-defined time for when your iPhone will actually go into Airplane, so that it does not constantly keep activating by accident.


Overall if you are looking for this kind of functionality you will not be disappointed! I quite enjoy the iSleepWell Cydia tweak, as if there is a night where I know I need to not be disturbed I can very easily block out phone calls, text messages etc. And even though going into your Settings.app to enable Airplane Mode is not hard by any means, this is still a nice shortcut.

iSleepWell Cydia Tweak

If you are interested in the iSleepWell Cydia tweak you can find it through the BigBoss repo for $0.99. Let us know what you think of iSleepWell in the comments section below…

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