iControlPhoto Cydia Tweak Allows You To Control Photo Stream Service

We all know Photo Stream is a nice way to share your photo’s to all of your other devices and choose who you want to share them with.

What if a user wants to save random pictures, take screenshots or pictures with the camera without those images getting uploaded to Photo Stream? Why are we restricted with Photo Stream on our iDevice? Why can’t the user decided when photos are uploaded to Photo Stream or downloaded?

If you are a constant user of the Photo’s app then iControlPhoto might be worth taking a look at. iControlPhoto is a tweak from the BigBoss repo, developed by ioshack, and is designed for the user to have control over the Photo Stream service.

iControlPhoto Cydia Tweak iJailbreak

When iControlPhoto is installed users have three options to enable or disable in the general Settings application for the Photo Stream service. One of the functions the tweak provides is the ability to disable automatic upload of photos. This can be useful, because photos can take up space, and maybe you don’t want that picture automatically sent to your other devices. The second option allows users to disable the download of images. Theses options alone can be beneficial for people to decide when they would like to upload or download pictures using the Photo Stream service later on a Wi-Fi connection.

Not only can users enable or disable the uploads and downloads of pictures using Photo Stream, but users are allowed to disable the screenshot uploads as well. That one function alone provided enough for me to buy the tweak for many reasons; I take random screenshots of tweaks through Cydia to remind myself to go back and take a look at later or tell a friend about, I use Photoshop Touch on iPad and iPhone to save new images from snapshot pictures of my own theme for others to critique, and I take a bunch of other snapshots of cool themes (example; color keyboard themes) pile them up in one image again using Photoshop Touch or SketchBook and send them to friends knowing that all those JPEG’s wont be uploaded to Photo Stream while I am still at home on a Wi-Fi connection using iMessage to send those images. Having this peace of mind saves me time in deleting unnecessary photos or images in Photo Stream as well.

Finally, iControlPro has the option to enable or disable the tweak within the stock settings application on your iDevice.

iControlPhoto Jailbreak Tweak iJailbreak

iControlPhoto is available to purchase for $2.00 in Cydia and requires a jailbroken 3GS or above running iOS 5 or higher. This tweak could be helpful for certain people even though it seems as if every tweak these days has a price . Let me know your thoughts on the tweak, I think something extra can be added though. Take a look below for an interesting fact.

Important information; Users still have the ability to use the “share to menu option” in Apple’s stock Photo’s application to share photo’s into an album using the Photo Stream service through a cellular data plan or a Wi-Fi connection. Recently, I spent countless hours through the night trying to communicate my thoughts and ideas to the developer, because the tweak doesn’t stop the users ability to “share photo’s to albums” even through a cellular data connection using the Photo Stream service.

Finally, we discussed if he should intervene manual operations which went into early the next morning. Doesn’t Apple usually limit features to a Wi-Fi only connection and especially through Photo Stream? Why can’t iControlPhoto have an option to “only” disable the uploads and downloads of images to an album through a cellular data connection? It looks as if the developer Shenyue or ioshack will look into this feature, but he’s not sure. If you support this idea I suggest you copy my “Google  Chinese (Traditional) Translated” text below and send the developer an email.

This is what the translated sentence will say in English,

“I too support a manual “only” option to disable upload and download of photo’s to a shared album using the Photo Stream service on a cellular data connection.”

If you support that idea, please copy and paste the translated text below and send that sentence to this email address, shenyue [email protected]


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  1. JadenEllett says:

    I would definitely like to see the manual intervene, let’s hope it becomes a reality! Who else is with me?

  2. xBoomBastiKx says:

    Guys, send him the email. I received an email from the developer saying if he receives plenty of emails he “will implement the feature into his tweak” :)!!!!

  3. xBoomBastiKx says:

    I am!!!!!

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