Hackers Hack Cydia’s BigBoss Repo

A new hacker or group (we’re not sure yet) named ‘Kim Jong-Cracks’ has apparently hacked the default Cydia repo BigBoss and launched a website called ripBigBoss. On this website you can download the entire collection of packages from BigBoss, both paid and free.


There are repos that can be added to Cydia where one can download paid tweaks and other packages for free. However, with piracy, comes problems. Sometimes these repos can house malwares with their packages and your device maybe infected.

The hacker(s) have made the deb index of BigBoss and its entire database available on the ripBigBoss website. You can even add their repo to access all BigBoss hosted packages. There are more than 13 thousand packages that are available to download in its entirety. The website claims that packages do not contain any malware and urge you to check a packages’ md5 to make sure. We would still not recommend you to download anything from the repo or the website.

An app that allows you to download BigBoss packages and system wide Anti-DRM for Cydia tweaks is supposedly in the works. You can visit the website and download the packages at your own risk. We do not support piracy, just to be clear, and find this very wrong.

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  • Martik


  • Saajid Hasan Rizvi

    Oh Damn !!! How Disgusting !! Why would somebody do that??? Whats the repo address i need to check it personally to witness the mess.



  • 5s user

    i would not touch these – you never know what might have been done between the time they were stolen and then shared.

  • disqus_f23yWYhDc9

    stfu faggot