Copy10 Cydia Plugin Claims To Be The Best Spyware For iOS Devices, Here’s What You Need To Know

A tool is only as good as the people who use it. Remote logging software could be used to secure your possessions, and it could also be used against you to steal your personal information, invade your privacy, and embarrass you. Copy10 is the newest piece of self-fashioned spyware to hit Cydia. It claims that it can log GPS coordinates, SMS calls, Call history, contacts, visited URLs, and photos as well as having the ability to preform ‘remote uninstall’ and ambient voice recordings.

While you might have legitimate security uses for a service like Copy10, the language used on their website makes the hair on my neck stand on end. Statements like, “you have to have the target phone in your hand at least 1 time to download and install Copy10 into target smartphone,” reveal that the intended devices might not belong to Copy10’s customers. Installing spyware on a password protected computer without the user’s consent, even a spouse’s, is legally questionable at best (and is explicitly illegal in certain states). According to a newsletter from the American Bar’s website, if you’re hoping to take someone to court with the evidence you obtain with spyware, your case may be thrown out.

What’s troubling is that Copy10 is designed to be “100% undetectable,” leaving no evidence on the Springboard, Settings panel, or even any signs of installed packages in Cydia. That said, there are ways to find out if someone is spying on you through your iPhone or iPad. Copy10 is a paid app, which means that if a spouse is snooping on you, there should be a bill for the service. More laughibly, Copy10 has a promotion currently running where users can get a 5 day trial of the premium service by liking their page on Facebook. If your spouse is liking pages for spyware on Facebook, you might want to leave for reasons of bad judgement alone.

The important takeaway message is not to leave your iPhones, iPads or iPod Touches unattended. Someone could install Copy10 for an even more nefarious purpose. Also remember that any spyware attack can be thwarted by restoring the firmware on your device. If you have non-slimy motives for using Copy10, you can find the package in the ModMyi repository on Cydia.

How do you feel about spyware? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  2. Riley Freeman says:

    can someone explain to me “ambient voice recordings”. I have been looking for a way to record calls on my own phone not anyone elses. Calling customer service as we all know is hit and miss and they love to deny that u were told something or didnt put a note at all. so I would love to be able to record these. I dont want to deal with these silly apps that make you dial somewhere first and use credits.

  3. Michael Schnier says:

    Ambient voice recording would mean turning your microphone on, like a voice memo. What you’d want is call recording. I know you can achieve this through VOIP with the Mobiola Headset app. Just be warned that some states require both parties to a telephone conversation to be aware that they’re being recorded. (Though in most states, only one participant in the conversation has to be aware, IIRC.)

    You should be able to use the free voip app inside the desktop version of gmail.

  4. Its impossible to do voice recording during call session from iOS4 i think, Apple blocked all the code to do voice recording during call ,you can do voice recording surround target phone, but not during call. Android can do this but not APPLE.

  5. This is their Term of Argreement, what you have to agree to be able download copy10 or register account:

    You acknowledge that you will only install the software on a device which you have a legitimate need to monitor, and have a legal right to do so. You agree that you are responsible for how you use the software, and will comply with all relevant laws in your area. You also acknowledge that neither COPY10, nor any of its agents or affiliates may be held liable for any type of damage, litigation or other legal action which may arise from your purchase, installation or use of COPY10.

    So the software is a tool, but whoever use it illegal is their own will.

  6. Michael Schnier says:

    Mobiola doesn’t initiate a call. You use the iPhone as a passthrough headset for a computer, which means you can use it to record interviews or conference calls through skype or Google’s voip service on your computer. It most definitely works.

  7. Michael Schnier says:

    Despite the fact that the website advertises uses which are often not legal or ethical. I’m not condemning the tool, just providing information.

  8. Selena Hiton says:

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  13. Spyphone78 says:

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