CameraConnector Enables The Camera Connection Kit For The iPhone and iPod Touch [Cydia Tweak]

Apple markets the iPad Camera Connection Kit as a way to transfer photos from a camera (or iPhone) to the iPad. They don’t market it as the full dock connector to USB host adapter that it has the potential to be. If you’re not a fan of fussing with Bluetooth keyboards (or replacing batteries on the damn thing), you can use the Camera Connection Kit to plug in a Bluetooth keyboard.

What, USB keyboard support doesn’t impress you? Well, the Camera Connection Kit isn’t limited to keyboards. It can also pair with USB microphones, headphones and headsets (oh my!). Unfortunately this hidden feature was restricted to the iPad product line.

Or it was, before the release of a tweak called CameraConnector. If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch, the USB half of the Camera Connection Kit, and a buck to spare, you can connect all sorts of human interface devices to your phone.

We can’t guarantee that the iPhone or iPod touch will be compatible with every USB peripheral you have, but it seems that iOS has some decent built-in support for headphones, microphones, and keyboards. Any tweak that can potentially expand the selection of high quality headphones for iOS is good in my books. It will be interesting to see if driver support for other hardware will be added by homebrew developers in the near future, such as the wired Xbox 360 controllers.

CameraConnector requires an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 5 or later, and can be purchased for $0.99 on the BigBoss repository in Cydia.

What kind of USB connectivity would you like to see on your iPhone? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. MysticWhiteDragon says:

    I have a Motorola Atrix 4G LapDock that I use as an HDMI monitor and keyboard for my Raspberry Pi. I would love to make use of the LapDock to connect my iPhone to it!

  2. It doesn’t work. It says “This Accessory Is Not Supported by iPhone” when using camera connection kit for ipad. Scam?

  3. It’s not working on iPhone 4S iOS 5.1.1

  4. Guys, REBOOT your phone. I got the same problem. Didn’t work after respring. But it worked after rebooting. It may still come up with the error but just click okay. Tested with USB keyboard iPhone 4S 5.1.1

  5. Did a reboot for my iPhone 4 and still can’t get camera connection kit to work.
    Apple Universal Dock doesn’t work when installing this tweak.

    Saying: “This Accessory is Not Supported by iPad”

    @Michael Can’t let my usb keyboard to work.

  6. Michael Schnier says:

    What kind of keyboard are you using? Are you able to hook up anything else via USB?

  7. It doesn’t work – iPhone 4 5.1.1
    Sorry for the money spent(

  8. Alexstirr says:

    I Have An Ipod Touch 4th Gen running on 5.1.1 Software, And I Am Still Receiving Unsupported Message. Any other tweaks that work would be nice I’ve been waiting for this for mounths.

  9. Alexstirr says:

    Works great can’t figure out how to fine USB in ifile tough.

  10. Doesn’t work here either on my iOS 5.1.1 iPhone 3GS after rebooting. Tested with two USB keyboards, both working on both the iPad 1 and iPad 3.

  11. It does work on both the iPhone 4S and iPod touch 4. It does NOT work on the iPhone 3GS (very first series, 2009 Summer). Tested all under 5.1.1 and with a

    – Logitech Cordless Desktop S530 Mac (wireless, with a dongle)

    – Nortek Lynea wired keyboard

    Known error: it’ll only recognize the keyboard after you disconnect it. After that, you’ll need to reboot to make it work again. Respring doesn’t work.

  12. Work on my iPhone 4s 5.1.1 well. The only problem is that after I reboot it will work. After unplugging the reattaching, it will no longer work. After another reboot it will work again. But the same still goes. After unplugging then plugging back in, I will have to reboot once again. I will check Cydia everyday as I had waiting for something like this to come out and look for that update on this.

  13. It should, see my posts.

  14. It should on yours also, see my posts.

  15. You won’t. I’ve tested.

  16. Hi. Will this not work with actual cameras yet? Sorry if this was already explained somewhere that I missed. I’m very excited about this working with cameras! :-)

  17. this hack though you will receive an error but works great with my electronic drums and garageband for iphone 4. used it with iphone 4s with even a generic ipad camera connection kit with usb and sdcard reader. sd card cannot mount (could be hardware related where iphone doesn’t have)but seems most of usb interface should work

  18. I paid 0.99 cents and installed for the CameraConnector tweak. I’m trying to use the SD memory card adaptor and it’s not working. I’ve restarted my iphone 4 a bunch of times and it’s still not working. Getting the error message “This Accessory is Not Supported ipad” … What do i do now? Where am i suppose to go after in install this tweak? Is there another app i need or just the regular “photos” app? I really want this tweak to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  19. I get this work on a 4S iOS 5.1.1 with USB-keyboards. But I have a problem… When I plug my “Steelseries Sibiria Frost Blue” in, it plays music for like one sec or so but the music stops and my iPhone tells me the headset takes to much power. It works on my iPad tho. Would be great if CameraConnector could remove that. I don’t care if it drain more battery.

  20. WOW it’s working fine, I tried with my EDRUM and Music Studio , AMAZING!, another thing when I conenct my canon it automatically opens the photo app but since there is no import funtion I canot pass them to the iPhone , is a way to do this via iFile?

  21. I had to delete this because it was giving me WIFI issues, could connect to my home network.. :S Be careful

  22. read it. It’s says half the kit the USB part.

  23. It works, just not perfectly.

    Here’s my specs:
    iPhone 4, iOS 5.0, CameraConnector purchased from Cydia, original Apple Camera Connection Kit.

    1. You need to jailbreak your iPhone.
    2. You need to install Cydia.
    3. In Cydia, search for CameraConnector app
    4. After install CameraConnector, make sure you turn your iPhone off, and then turn it back on.

    5. If your phone is tethered, make sure you use RedSn0w to boot tethered.

    6. NOW, once your iPhone is restarted, when you plug in your CCK, the “the accessory is not supported” message should not appear anymore.

    7. Now, when you plug your usb device in, you should see “Cannot use device, The connected USB device is not supported” – This means your usb device IS indeed working!

    8. Most importantly, do not plug the Camera Connection Kit out when changing USB devices, just plug out the USB device if you need to swap devices.

    9. Once you plug the Camera Connection Kit out, you HAVE TO REBOOT your iPhone (and reboot using Cydia if your iPhone jailbreak is tethered)

    By the way, the developer of this should be killed for the lack of support to its users. We bought your app, the least you could do is give us some CLEAR instructions how to work around the limitations. Asshole. For this, I should share with everyone how they can download your half-assed app for free on some repos.

  24. I have reboot again and againg ,but still said “”This Accessory is Not Supported by iPod touch”. I lost 0.99 bucks

  25. Do the headphones work with the ipad 2 iOS 6.0.1?

  26. DevIsADouche says:

    DO NOT buy this. It does not work and the developer stopped caring. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, IT DOES NOT WORK ON ANY iPHONE.

  27. does not work with iphone 4s ios 6.1(10B142)
    wasted my money to buy the CCK and app

  28. wondering says:

    Does this work on iphone 5, ios6?

  29. wondering says:

    Have anyone tried with a usb mouse on either iphone 4 or 5?

  30. iphone 4, ios 6.0, tried all 4 available versions of cameraconnector (I’ve bought the one on bigboss than tried the other), rebooted, powered off, respringed, reinstalled, with or without the CCK, everything countless times: it doesn’t work. no “This Accessory is Not Supported by iPad” message but my keyboard (HID on windows), my padKontrol, my mandala drum, my midi-to-usb cable are not powering up nor working. I’ve jailbroken my iphone just to use this app, you can imagine how happy I can be.

  31. is there a recent version for iOS 8.4 ? thx

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