AlertArtist: Customize Alert Dialogs/Text Message Notifications on your iPhone!

Have you ever had the desire to customize the look of your iDevice without the need of WinterBoard? If you had you may be glad to know that a new tweak called AlertArtist was just released into Cydia! AlertArtist allows you to customize the appearance of all alert dialogs on your iDevice. You can Choose from a number of included themes, or even create your own theme through an easy to use interface!

AlertArtist allows you to customize the following properties of an alert dialog:

  • Background Color/Opacity
  • Border Color/Opacity
  • Shadow Color/Opacity (Experiment with colors other than black to produce a “glow” effect!)
  • Text Color
  • Text Shadow Color
  • Title Font/Size
  • Body Font/Size

You can take a look at what is possible with AlertArtist in the screenshots below (Left: customized dialog box. Right: customization interface).

If you are interested in customizing iOS dialog boxes without the need of WinterBoard you can find the AlertArtist tweak through Cydia for a price of $0.99. Let us know your thoughts on this tweak in the comments section below.

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  1. alertartist works great except with bitesms I have to go in settings & switch it to apple reply in lock & unlock screen mode please help me get it working with bitsms I have ifile but can’t figure out how to fix it thanks

  2. Kikayhottie says:

    There is a problem after using the app for a while. The dialog box became extra long. It appears as if it were landscape mode even if it not. Please help me

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