Add iOS 5 Notification Center To Lockscreen With IntelliScreenX

A question that a lot of people have been asking is can you add the iOS 5 notification center to the Lockscreen? The answer to this question is no. By default you can not add the notification center to the lockscreen on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

With an upcoming tweak by the developers of IntelliScreen called IntelliScreenX, however, you will be able to add the notification center to the lockscreen of your iDevice. IntelliScreenX will not only allow you to view the notification center from the lockscreen on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It also dramatically extends the functionality of the Notification Center by adding the following features:

  • Collapsible Sections
  • Top Shelf (A configurable bar that appears above notifications)
  • QuickSettings Widget (frequently used functions such as airplane mode and brightness controller)
  • View Full Emails, Calendar, and receive RSS, Facebook and Twitter updates
  • Much more…

If you would like more information on IntelliScreenX you can watch the teaser video below…

IntelliScreenX will be available sometime next week and will most likely cost $9.99 through the Cydia Store. While this may seem like a lot of money for a Cydia tweak, if you watched the teaser video above, you will notice this is not just some simple Cydia tweak. IntelliScreenX dramatically extends its’ functionality of the iOS 5 Notification Center (adding numerous new features).

Note: If you purchased IntelliScreen within the last 30 days you will receive IntelliScreenX for FREE once it is released.

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  • Alan Burk

    Noob question: does this require jailbreak?¬† I’m a recent convert to iOS from Android.

  • The truth

    Yes it does

  • Haha king

    Does it need to reboot??

  • Haha king


  • T Durkin

    Everytime i swipe down it reboots my phone?

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  • Ahs Obgyn

    when i setup the app, it doesnt work. it just collapses

  • Tarun

    i have installed it on my iPhone 4s, but it rebooting my device a lot of time

  • Vishal

    How do I remove it comepletely? I cannot access the emails from the email app anymore.

  • Mark

    Im trying to download this but I can seem to find what source is it in?

  • Newsomdwight

    i wish i didnt have to pay for this amazing app

  • Amit Kumar Singh

    Great tweak . I wonder why apple never thought of it . Maybe because it bypasses the privacy lock code .

  • images

    fuck… installing this.. messes the infinifolders and some other apps completedly how the dock has beeing working… ;((

  • 44

    it doesn’t start up