Activator Gets Updated To v1.5.8: New Features And Bug Fixes

Ryan Petrich, the developer of Activator, recently updated Activator to version 1.5.8. This new version includes the following:

  • Add menu triple press event
  • Add Show Volume Bar action
  • Use the default volume behavior when Camera requests volume events
  • Fix missing icons on iOS5
  • Improve scrolling performance in Settings
  • Improve memory use
  • Make notification center action toggle
  • Decrease hold event times
  • Add safe mode message
  • Better volume event support
  • Improve orientation change performance
  • Fix double-tap lock crash on iOS

For those who don’t know: Activator is one of the most popular Cydia applications for your jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Activator allows you to assign gestures to launch specific applications and tweaks installed from Cydia. You can watch the video embedded below for an example of how Activator works.

Activator v1.5.8 is available free through the BigBoss repo on Cydia. Let us know in the comments how this update worked for you.

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  • Frankie Bloise

    crap, now my volume + doesnt work when using the camera…

  • LJ

    Broke my ability to use short volume up/down to change to next/previous song.  It changes the song, but it also changes the volume.  If I want to go to the next song, I hold the volume up button for a second, but in addition to changing the song, it raises my volume 3 or 4 clicks.

  • Element_Hg

    Also messed up this setting of mine.
    I found a workaround – you have to press the volume up/down button really fast…

  • Bla

    Any fix for the camera volume button yet?

  • Huraharshdeep

    Activator doesn’t work on iOS 5.0.1 gets into crash-reboot loop

  • Ddhaah

    Your update has broken the single best, and probably most used feature of activator-the volume next track button.

    Now my volume changes whenever I hold down the volume button. One update has made the entire program useless to me.

    Really gutted about that.

  • Jwong1992

    This pisses me off as well. I hope it’s fixed soon.

  • Michael Benner

    Hey, how about we don’t get pissed off at a developer who’s making something that you use for FREE.

  • Guest

    Agreed, it’s a really useful tool, it just needs a tweak to fix this (It’s the main reason I’ve got this app actually!)

  • Jwong1992

    Point taken. I can’t help it, it still pisses me off.

  • White 82 Shadow

    Is there a way to turn it off? And use it when I need it ? It keeps draining the the battery. I tried to turn it off but I couldn’t please help.

  • Suci

    Do you think it will work for the main botton of the iPod touch, the one that is in the inferior center of the iPod?? It doesnt do anything at all!!!!

  • Kulikolelwa

    i got lockinfo on my iphone4s 5.0.1. now it is preventing me to see the slide to unlock bottom. used tap and hold but is not working. wanna get into my phone contents. is there anyone who can help me?