A New Tweak To Apply Retina Display to All App icons! [RetinaAppIcons]

Have you ever been annoyed when you download a new app from the AppStore, only to find that it’s icon is not compatible with your Retina Display? I know for one I have, and so when I heard about a new tweak called RetinaAppIcons, I was thrilled to finally find a solution to this problem. RetinaAppIcons is a tweak that will dynamically fix the this problem by replacing your pixelated icons, with vibrant new retina display compatible icons. Take a look for yourself…

If this sounds like a problem you are facing, then what better way to solve it than with the RetinaAppIcons tweak. It definitely beats having to SHSH individual retina display compatible icons; and if you are skeptical about this tweak working, don’t be. This tweak is guaranteed to replace every pixelated app icon, and if for some reason it does not, you can email the developers to fix any errors that occur.

RetinaAppIcons Features:

  • Works with 99.9% of all AppStore Apps
  • Automatically generates high-quality App Icons
  • For iPhone 4 / iPod Touch with Retina Display
  • For iPad Screen
  • For all the different sized Icons (Spotlight Search,…)
  • Works automatically in background without user interaction
  • Updates Icons on Respring or after installing new App

If RetinaAppIcons seems like the tweak for you, it is available through the Cydia Store for a price of $0.99! Grab it now.

Note: Hopefully you realize this, but this tweak is only compatible with iDevices that feature Retina Display or a large resolution (such as the iPad).

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  1. Wilson Wong says:

    it works and worth my dollar.

  2. This can be achieved for free with the use of the Terminal plugin iRetiner.
    Download iRetiner, and type in MobileTerminal iretiner. Then press 1, followed by Y (yes), and the script starts doing the exact same thing.

  3. Exactly what I was going to say! I’d rather have to run a script in Terminal than pay :P

  4. Whackowilson says:

    i just realized that this tweak is freezing up iTunes during syncing and transfer apps.

  5. Jadeneastonellett says:

    You cannot sync your apps with the tweak installed?

  6. Jadeneastonellett says:

    Very true, thank you for pointing this our DVT. We will look into writing a post about this soon! Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Wilson Wong says:

    not sure if it’s just me? But my iTunes froze on me every time ever since i had it installed.
    did anyone with this tweak had the problems too?
    iPhone 4 (4.1)

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