Download Paid Apps FREE And Legally Thanks To FreeMyApps!

Would you like to download paid App Store apps free and legally without using an illegal application like Installous?


FreeMyApps is a fairly new service launched in 2011 that allows you to download paid applications such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Grand Theft Auto 3 and even Real Racing 2 for free. If this interests you then you will simply need to navigate your iOS device’s safari browser and type in the following website into the address bar:

You would then have to choose a free sponsor app to install, this is to gain enough credits so that you can redeem these credits for the app you actually want to download. Once you have successfully downloaded a sponsor app you will need to open the app for a minimum of 30 seconds; now your account has been credited! From this point you may choose a paid app to get for FREE… as long as you have enough credits of course.

Written by Jay

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  • Michael_ta315

    only works in US store. don’t have to try if you’re on a different store.

  • dan

    I’m in the Mexico’s Store and I just downloaded an app, so maybe depends on the app.

  • Michael_ta315

    i only could redeem for my US store account, my other one, which is vietnamese did not work :(

  • Richard Muška

    so make a another US accounts…:)

  • Waschenko3

    Just use installous 4

  • Purchase_jado

    Thank you! I have an iPhone 4S and it isn’t jailbroken but i am downloading these free apps, I download 4 apps in 2 days. By the way i don’t live in the US but i made a US account! Thank you again!

  • Hexiii

    Also JunoWallet is an app which gives you credits for downloading apps. 0.22 dollars for each app downloaded. If you want 0.50 dollars to start, type this code in it: HS2697744

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  • Discofools5100

    the code i entered has alreday been used help plz

  • Discofools51500

    fixed it this app thing rocks i got 3 free games!

  • Svena69

    When you download all the apps, and you got all the credits, thats about 2000.
    The app list is empty and it (never?) fills up with new apps?
    So free my apps disables when you almost have 3000 credits…?
    How is this possible.. I am waiting 2 weeks now for new apps..