DeepEnd Cydia Tweak: 3D Effect For Your iPhone, iPod Touch SpringBoard From Ryan Petrich [Cydia]

Earlier in the week, week mentioned that a new tweak was coming to Cydia, to give you a 3D SpringBoard. Although, it is a good idea, the video demo left some of you underwhelmed. The tweak promises to give us a Nintendo 3DS style experience, but some of our readers found it to be unimpressive, and over priced.

We received a tip from Canadian iPhone developer, Ryan Petrich, that he has been working on something similar. His new tweak, called “DeepEnd“, gives the springboard actual depth. It uses the accelerometer, with some manipulation of your wallpaper, to really give you a 3D experience on your iDevice. Check out our quick video, for a demo:

There is no actual “app” installed. As with other tweaks, you adjust the settings from the native Settings app.

This tweak is still in beta, at version 0.1, but if you want to try it out, it is now live in Ryan Petrich’s beta repo: Just let the developer know if you have any issues, so that you might fix them, before the actual release.

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  • soong

    This is actually an AWESOME APP!
    IT does look like it’s causing a tiny bit of lag when moving between pages, with Barrel installed. Anyways, considering that it’s free and in beta, this is a must have. NO PROBLEM AT ALL. No RAM problem, etc.

  • Sevael

    Nice tweak, but I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for it. It works best when you only look at it with one eye. Using both eyes (depth perception) mostly breaks the effect and it just looks like the background is sliding around on the same plane as the icons. With one eye closed, it looks like the icons are floating above the background, like in the YouTube video. Since the video is taken by a camera (a single “eye”), it retains the 3D effect. But it loses most of this effect when you view it with both eyes on your actual phone screen. It’s unfortunate, but that is not the developer’s fault.

    Cool tweak for playing around with, but not worth any money IMO.

  • Budhna Roshan46

    i thought it will be for 3Gs too :(

  • Chad

    Flash, really?

  • Budhna Roshan46

    Plz release this for 3GS too :P

  • Me

    Wallpaper link pl0x?

  • Zul

    Can u pls release this fr 3GS??

  • Mike McKinnon

    I think this needs the gyroscope of the iPhone 4.

  • Homer

    “some of our readers found it to be unimpressive, and over priced.”  I just tried to find this myself without success. Funny, though…I’ve seen many places stating it is FREE. How is that overpriced?

  • Mike McKinnon

    “3DBoard” is the tweak that some of our readers were talking about. “DeepEnd” is completely free and it’s in Ryan Petrich’s repo.

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  • Aldopimp

    yo no lo puedo activar en mi ipod touch 4g, tal vez sea por otras aplicaciones que modifican el wallpaper o no lo se, ¿alguien sabe porque no puedo hacer que funcione esta aplicacion?

  • Filandu


  • Shahskyline93

    another link deepend for iphone 3g plz….

  • hanknmel

    when i search for deep end in cydia it finds nothing…

  • xin

    why deepend on my ipad2 go astray and then stopped?

  • Logan

    How do you do it

  • Angel

    Can someone please tell me how do you do it? I Don’t get it HELP!

  • Joshua Harper

    I don’t know how to do it for iPhone 5c

  • Mike McKinnon

    iPhone 5c has this built in, with iOS8.

  • Hayden

    How do you do it on Samsung Galaxy S5?

  • Mike McKinnon

    I’ve only had experience with iPhones, so I don’t know.

  • Help!

    It doesn’t work!!! Come on this is stupid or it’s just my iPad mini anyone???

  • Mike McKinnon

    This hasn’t been supported since it was built in to iOS7.

  • Shaetay


  • Hamf

    Where is it built in at?

  • Mike McKinnon

    When you are setting your wallpaper, make sure “Perspective Zoom” is turned on.

  • Tim

    I don’t get it

  • Tim

    How u do the 3D thing

  • gar

    Great yes i hqve then

  • Angelina

    Wow this looks really cool

  • Nevaeh Aguinaga


  • mouse


  • Arbios

    How do I do it for iPhone 6??

  • Sophia Mumkin

    How do you get to the settings page that has the place where you do it?