How To: Enable Native Google Maps On The iPad

When Google released the official Google Maps app for iOS it lacked iPad support. If you were someone who was looking forward to using Google Maps on the iPad then this was likely extremely disappointing. Although there is indeed workarounds for Jailbroken devices that includes using tweaks like RetinaPad or FullForce there is now a better solution.

How To: Enable Native Google Maps On The iPad

A Reddit user has just posted instructions on how to enable Google Maps natively on the iPad. In order for this to work you will need a Jailbroken iPad, the Google Maps app installed and a way to access the filesystem of your iPad. The application I recommend for doing this is iFunBox, but others include WinSCP for Windows, iFile and Cyberduck for Mac OS X.

Once you are prepared simply follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Install Google Maps
  2. Navigate to var/mobile/applications on your device
  3. Search through each file until you find Google Maps (if using iFile search the hierarchy for Google
  4. Navigate into Google
  5. Located the info.plist and open it
  6. Find a key that says “UIDeviceFamily”, below this there should be the number “1”
  7. Change the “1” to a “2”
  8. Save and respring

Let us know if this little trick for enabling Google Maps natively on your iPad worked in the comments section below.

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  1. Works and its awesome. Way better than Apple maps.

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