[How To] Use An Xbox 360 Controller With Any Game On A Mac


The Xbox 360 controller automatically works with Windows thanks to built-in driver support (although the wireless version requires a special receiver). If you want to use the 360 controller on unsupported games on Windows, all you need is a keymapper like Xpadder. Since Macs don’t have the same built-in driver support, the process of pairing […]

Stream Movies, Music, And Pictures To PS3 Or Xbox 360 With “Playback”


While I was attempting to restrain myself from buying another new device that allows me to conveniently stream music, videos, and pictures to my TV, I stumbled across an App for my Mac that allows me to do just that through my PS3. Playback is an App developed by Yazsoft that allows you to stream […]

Stream Media From iOS Device To PS3, XBox 360 Without Jailbreaking


Do you happen to own a Sony PlayStation 3? Do you want to stream videos, music and pictures from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Here’s a perfect little app that will let you stream media from your iOS device to the PS3 over a Wi-Fi connection. iMediaShare is a free app available on the […]