How To: Restore Windows 8 To Reset It To Factory Settings


As much as I love my Mac computer and couldn’t think about living without it, there is still some tasks such as programming that I prefer doing on my Windows computer. Windows has a lot of things going for it, but it just isn’t up to par with Mac OS X in terms of stability. […]

Windows RT Hacked To Run Unsigned Code, Full Desktop Applications

Office Home & Student RT Suite: Disclaimer

Over the weekend a hacker by the name of Clrokr claims to have discovered a method for running unsigned code on Windows RT–including desktop applications. This Windows RT jailbreak amounts to changing a entry in the Windows 8 kernel, a value which determines the minimum signing level that desktop apps are allowed to run. Change […]

How To: Run Windows XP In Windows 8


Windows 8 is a great operating system in a lot of ways, but also has a lot of potential downfalls that I previously covered in an article titled “Why Windows 8 Will Fail In The Eyes Of The Average Consumer.” Windows 7 allowed users to run Windows XP applications with a special Windows XP mode, […]

Windows 8 RTM Does Not Support Touch Pad Gestures Out Of The Box, Requires Windows 7 Drivers [Instructions]


One of the new features in Windows 8 is tighter integration with touch pad gestures on laptops. With that in mind, it’s amusing that the release to manufacturer build of Windows 8 does not include support for touch pad gestures on laptops. More ironic is that the drivers that are currently available to enable this […]

Run Windows 8 On Your Apple iPad Using Win8 Metro Testbed App

Win8 Metro Testbed

Did you recently use the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a tablet and decided to become a developer for Windows 8? Well, you must then know that you’d need a Windows 8 tablet to develop apps for the device. Here’s a neat little app that will let you run the Windows 8 Metro UI […]