Execute Terminal Commands Anywhere With Command Alert [Cydia Tweak]

Wanted to change permissions on your device’s filesystem without exiting an app? Are you following a tutorial, to fix something, but don’t want to switch from your browser to mobile terminal? We’ve found a new tweak that can help. The tweak: Command Alert is a Cydia tweak that pulls up an alert dialog through an Activator gesture. This […]

Who Needs WYSIWYG? JOE – Text Editor Is A Terminal Based Text Editor, Now On Cydia

Joe’s Own Editor is a Terminal text editor, popular in old school Linux and Unix distributions, which can mimic the feel of other popular editors like emacs and WordStar. While JOE is an oldschool Terminal editor, it has powerful features. It can find and replace words in multiple file batches, edit hexadecimal code, unlimited undo and redo, […]

Short Battery Life On The New Macbook Pro With Retina Display? We Have Two Fixes

The MacBook Pro With Retina display is a top-of-the-line machine which includes a battery supposedly rated for 7 hours of wireless web browsing. But not everyone has experienced stellar battery life from the machine. If you are only getting a fraction of the battery life promised, it’s possible that what you are experiencing is a bug […]

How To: Take A Screenshot And Change The Screenshot’s Default Filetype With Your Mac Computer

I recently purchased a Mac computer, and thus I am going to be making the switch from the Windows OS (operating system) to the Mac OS. As I am completely new to the Mac OS X operating system, one of the first things that I wondered how to do, when I was writing an article, […]

AlertScript: Alert-Based Terminal Window For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [Cydia Tweak]

Have you ever wished there was a quick way to execute UNIX commands without having to open MobileTerminal? Well if you have you will be glad to know the tweak AlertScript was released into Cydia to speed up the process of executing UNIX commands. AlertScript is a alert-based terminal window that can handle beyond 50MegaBytes […]

Cool Trick with Mac’s Terminal

Here’s a cool trick with Mac OS X’s terminal that you can use just for laughs or just surprises. By entering the “say” command (without quotes) into Terminal you can type anything you want and your Mac will say it for you. For advance users: SSH into the computer and you can control what your […]

How To: Change Your SSH Root Password On Your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [GUIDE]

You may have seen our earlier guide on changing your default password. Here’s a reminder to make sure you do it! If you’re an avid jailbreaker like us, you’ll no doubt have OpenSSH installed on your iPhone to be able to SSH into it using a desktop client such as CyberDuck. You should also, therefore, […]

The Ultimate Tutorial For Creating A Cydia Repository/Source For iOS! [Covering Everything A-Z]

This tutorial will explain the process of creating a Cydia repository from start to finish. We will cover everything from the initial preparation all the way to the hosting and publishing of your Cydia repository. This tutorial will get moderately technical and is not recommended for users who are new to computers or new to […]

RingRing – Create Custom Ringtones For Your iPhone [Video]

RingRing is an application in Cydia that is a ringtone converter based on FFmpeg. Just like FFaac, RingRing was created for high user convenience. Features: Fast import from either MxTube or your iPod Library! Also possible: dump files to use into /var/mobile/Media/Convert/ Import multiple files at once Run conversion in background It’s free! High or […]

How To: Change iPod Touch And iPhone Root Password On iOS 4 To iOS 4.1+ After Jailbreak

One thing that not too many people do anymore is change their iDevice’s root password. Your iDevice’s root password by default is “alpine”, and this password is meant to stop unauthorized access to your iDevice if SSH is installed. The problem is, is that everyone who jailbreaks their iDevice and installs an SSH program, has this same […]