Is Apple Connected To The Certified ‘Refurbished_Outlet’ On eBay?


There are two kinds of tech buyers: those who would never, ever buy anything sullied with the words ‘refurbished,’ and those of us who wouldn’t mind shaving a few hundred bucks off the sticker price of returned and repaired computers and tablets. There’s a new vendor on eBay called “refurbished_outlet” that is selling refurbished Macbooks, […]

Apple Store Now Sends You Order Status Updates Via Text Message


The Apple Store had been down for several hours, not just in the U.S, but various countries elsewhere as well. Apple hasn’t updated any products or accessories as such, but they did implement a new order status system for customers to know the status of their purchases. Now, whenever you purchase from the Apple Store, […]

Other Brands Starting To Catch On To Apple’s Simple Approach To Retail


Today I ventured to Burnaby’s Metropolis in Metrotown mall in suburban Vancouver, to pick up a MacBook Air, and after experiencing the pleasant nature of an Apple Store, I decided afterwards I would also check out the brand new Samsung Store that just recently opened. This is actually Samsung’s first retail store in Canada, and by […]

Apple Store Update In Progress, What Could It Be?


Apple has closed their online store and left behind the usual message: We’ll be back. We’re busy updating the Apple Store for you and will be back soon. It looks like there is going to be a product launch or update at WWDC after all. Will this be a minor product revision, a major firmware update, […]

App Store, iTunes Store And iBookstore To Be Redesigned In iOS 6 [Rumor]


With the WWDC 2012 less than two weeks away rumors about what Apple will be talking about are coming up left-right-and-center. One of the most widely rumoured topics is about the upcoming iOS 6 firmware and various new things it will feature. We know that a re-designed Maps application will most likely be thrown into […]

Game Stop Selling Android And Apple Tablets At 1,600 Store Locations


For months now, our favorite games retailer Game Stop has been exploring different avenues to expand its business. The company’s latest endeavors include plans of selling iPads and Android tablets in its stores. And that plan has already taken place. The #1 US games retailer now sells Android tablets at 1,600 different locations! This is […]

Apple Stores To Carry Nest Learning Thermostats [Rumor]


Apple will be selling the Nest Learning Thermostat through the Apple Store, according to a rumor from iLounge. Although iLounge doesn’t specify a source, this rumor is not implausible. Nest’s CEO is Tony Fadell, who was the former senior vice president of Apple’s iPod devision. The Nest even looks like something Apple’s labs would cook up, […]

What Team COCO Expects From The Windows Store


Team Coco, the site behind the talkshow Conan O’Brien Presents, released a list of 8 things to expect from the Microsoft store. The satirical list describes something between a Bizarro-World Apple Store and 8 digs targeted at Microsoft. I’m not exactly sure what Microsoft did to Conan’s writers to deserve these digs. Did a Vista […]

Apple Online Store Goes Down With New “We’ll Be Back” Image


To everyone’s surprise the Apple Store has been offline for quite some time now. Now usually when the Apple Store goes offline it is just for maintenance, and the yellow sticky note we are all used to is displayed. This time around we see that the sticky note has changed and looks much more sleek […]

Patent Reveals That Apple Wants To Wirelessly Charge iDevices On Store Shelves


The folks over at Apple Insider have found a very interesting patent application that Apple filed recently. Apple seems to be interested in a new way of presenting their products at retail stores, which would use wireless charging of iDevices while still sealed in packaging and on display. Rather than using labels and images on […]