Apple Receives Design Patent For The Apple Watch


Earlier this week, the US Patent and Trademark Office, granted a design patent for the Apple Watch. The patent is for the design, curves and look of the Apple Watch. Apple submitted the patent application to the US Patent and Trademark Office in August last year, a month before the announcement of the Apple Watch. The […]

Apple Patents A Home Button That Doubles As A Joystick


A recent patent application by Apple describes a new type of Home button that can double as a joystick for playing games. The US Patent & Trademark Office published the new patent application on January 15. This Home button has two modes, the first one where it functions as a normal button and then there’s the […]

Apple Could Be Looking Into An Inductive Smart Cover To Wirelessly Charge The 5th Generation iPad


The iPad Smart Cover is an accessory that most iPad owners have with them. What if the Smart Cover could actually charge your iPad while it is not in use however? AppleInsider has recently brought our attention to an Apple patent filed in 2011 that could hint that Apple is actively investigating wireless charging for […]

Apple Could Have To Provide iOS 6 Source Code To Samsung Over A Court Case

The legal issues between Samsung and Apple refuse to back down and in most cases I chose to stop reporting on them because they were becoming repetitive and iJailbreak isn’t meant to be the next Bloomberg or The Wall Street Journal. Regardless, this particular case is interesting to say the least and could have some […]

Samsung Could Be Fined Up To $15 Billion For Trying To Ban The iPhone And iPad In Europe

It is no question that both Apple and Samsung have been locked in a fierce legal battle throughout the last few years. It isn’t just Apple and Samsung that are the only tech giants pursuing legal actions against each other however, it seems like the entire industry is seeing how far they can push legal […]

Google And Apple Come Together To Bid $500 Million On Kodak Patents


The 120-year-old photography company, Kodak is in some serious trouble right now and is on the verge of bankruptcy. To relieve some of its debt the company will be selling off its valuable patent portfolio. As long as the company is able to garner enough funds from selling off its patents, it will restructure around […]

The USPTO Has Declared Apple’s Rubber-Banding Patent Invalid


Remember during the big Apple v. Samsung trials back in August, one of the patents people kept talking about was the “rubber-banding” or “bounceback” patent? Basically, it was an Apple patent on the effect that happens when you scroll to the edge of your home screen on an iOS device: it scrolls past the icons […]

Judge Koh Calls For “Global Peace” As Apple v Samsung Appeals Begin


Yesterday marked the beginning of yet another chapter in the Apple v. Samsung saga, as it was the first day of Samsung’s appeal against the verdict from earlier this year. If the verdict stands as-is, it would have Samsung paying Apple over one billion dollars in patent infringement damages, but that’s not necessarily going to […]

Google Boss Eric Schmidt Says It’s “Extremely Curious” That Apple Hasn’t Sued Them


One can always rely on Eric Schmidt to give you some interesting tidbits of info about life at Google. The former CEO and current executive chairman of Google speaks with a frank, casual demeanor that’s almost unheard of from high-level executives at big companies like Google, and his comments are often a refreshing break from the PR […]

Apple Wins Another Lawsuit Against Samsung, This Time In The Netherlands


The somewhat silly battle between rival tech giants Samsung and Apple continues to be waged in courtrooms across the globe, and another verdict has now fallen in favour of Apple. This most recent case between the two smartphone makers took place in the Netherlands, and revolved around that same old pesky rubber-banding patent that Apple […]