Myth Buster: What Came First? The iPhone Or Android Phone? [INFOGRAPHIC]


That’s one question that’s in all our heads. Was it the iPhone that revolutionized touch-screen mobiles or was it Android that started the whole smartphone thing. Many have argued that the iPhone was the device that all the Android phones are based on, if there was no iPhone, there would’ve been no real smartphone. Currently, […]

Clearing Up Confusion On How The iOS Multitasking Really Bar Works


I am sure you have heard from people, read an article, or even been told by someone working in Apple’s Genius Bar that clearing the iOS multitasking bar is a good habit to get in to. I know for the longest time I would make it a daily ritual to clear my multitasking bar before […]

Overclocking Your iPhone CPU, Truth Or Myth?


One of the things iPhone and non-iPhone users dislike about Apple, is how they limit their hardware. They build these great mobile devices, and then don’t use them to their full potential. This is the main reason so many choose to jailbreak their devices and set them free. Apple does have reasons for the things […]