Google Maps, Chrome And iBooks Get Updated With New Features


Google has released updates for two of its iOS apps, Google Maps and Chrome. Apple has also released an update for the iBooks app, making it available in Japan. This is the first update for Google Maps since its release on iOS and it adds some small new features. Chrome for iOS gets the ability […]

Could Dual-Screen Smartphones Be The Future? NEC Announces The Medias W With Two 4.3-Inch Screens


Two-screened handsets are certainly not new — just look at the Kyocera Echo and Sony Tablet P — however The Verge recently had a chance to go hands on with a new device from a company called NEC. This particular device is called the Medias W and was originally teased about a year ago. The Medias W has two foldable qHD […]

Panasonic, Sony And Sharp Selling Off $3 Billion Worth Of Assets


Some of Japan’s biggest electronics companies are facing tough times right now, as they face stiffer competition from Korea and China than ever before. Panasonic, Sony and Sharp are all having a hard time paying their bills, and all have had their credit ratings downgraded by certain rating agencies in Japan. Foreign companies like Samsung […]

Nintendo Releases Official Pokédex App For iOS: Information On All 647 Pokemon For ¥ 2170

The Pokemon Company Pokedex app ios icon-ijailbreak

In what is certainly a sign of the impending apocalypse, Nintendo has released an official Pokédex app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in the iTunes App Store in Japan. The base app costs ¥170–about $2 in American currency–and includes information on the new Pokemon that are available in Pokemon Black and White and Black […]

HTC Announces An Incredible 1080p Smartphone For Japan, The J Butterfly


Remember back in the early 2000’s, when all the super high-tech phones you’d see people running around with were bought on trips to Japan? There was a time when Japan and a couple other Asian countries were miles ahead of the Western world in terms of the phone hardware people were carrying around, and most […]

Apple May Be Sourcing Carbon Fiber in Japan Right Now


It’s super light, super strong, and the prices are starting to get almost affordable, so it’s only a matter of time until we see carbon fiber in more and more consumer products. Currently, the only carbon fiber most people own is in their bicycle, and even that’s only if they’ve got a pretty nice bike. […]

Make Your iPhone 4/4S Or Galaxy S2 Completely Waterproof With Case Marine [.25mm-Thick Soft Case]


Let’s face the facts about current waterproof cases for smartphones. They are not only bulky, but never look very good either once on your smartphone. A lot of times they have poor ‘max-depth limits’ and are pricey to top it all off. This is all about to change however, with a Japanese waterproof case called […]

Siri Has Now Officially Learned To Speak Japanese [Coming Soon]


Hot off the heels of the Apple iPad 3 event taking place right now it has been officially confirmed that in the iOS 5.1 firmware update Siri will be able to speak Japanese. This is great news for all of you who are from Japan or at least those of you who speak Japanese and […]

iTunes Enhancements Roll Out For Japanese Store


We have seen Apple meticulously update their iTunes Store with new features such as iTunes U, iBooks 2 and iTunes Match. More recently Apple has updated their Japanese iTunes Store with some new enhancements adding some much needed features to the store. If you want to read Apple’s release notes on these updates, you can click […]

iTunes In The Cloud Launch In Japan


Apple continued to expand their iTunes in the Cloud service in Japan. This service allows all iOS users in Japan to have the feature of automation in downloading iTunes song purchases and much more on their devices instantly. A Japanese site, Macotakara, reported on Tuesday that all iTunes users can now access the “Purchased” tab […]