Learn HTML5 And CSS3 Through Our Beginner Coding Bundle To Create Killer Websites


If you have ever dreamed about creating your own website using HTML5 and CSS3 then we have the perfect course for you! For a limited time iJailbreak is able to offer a beginner HTML5 and CSS3 coding bundle that will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to utilizing the latest technologies […]

Facebook Encouraging More Employees To Switch To Android Testing And Development


If you’ve used the Facebook apps for iOS and Android recently, you’ve probably noticed that the iOS versions are considerably better. They’ve finally moved over to a native app on iOS, rather than an embedded HTML5 monstrosity, but they have yet to do so on Android. They also haven’t brought the Pages app – a […]

Google, Apple, Microsoft And Friends Collaborating On Open Web Standards Resource


With the number of different platforms and browsers that are around these days, and the number of things we expect them to be able to do, it’s high time someone built a resource that will tell you what works in what browser and how to make it work. A big consortium of companies is doing […]

New York Times Releases iPad-Optimized Web App


We’ve been constantly hearing about the death of print journalism for a few years now, but surely the end times are nigh when iconic papers like The New York Times are making a concerted effort to switch to digital editions. In another move that will allow more readers to ditch the physical newspaper in favour […]

Grooveshark Announces HTML5-Based Mobile Web App


With Grooveshark available on practically every platform known to mankind, you’d be excused for thinking they’d covered all their bases pretty thoroughly. The Grooveshark development team disagrees, apparently, as they’ve just released another new player. The latest new player is an HTML5 web app for mobile browsers. Accessing Grooveshark on mobile devices without downloading an […]

Windows Phone 8 Still Lags Behind In HTML5 Support Compared To The iPhone Running iOS 6 Beta


Remember back in June when Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8? Well, if you do then you probably remember that one of the flagship features was its browser – Internet Explorer 10. When Microsoft was talking about Internet Explorer 10 for Windows Phone 8 they mentioned that its Javascript engine was significantly faster than its competition. […]

Play With The New Firefox OS On Your Desktop, With New Builds Daily [Download Now]


By now, the cat’s pretty well out of the bag on Firefox’s attempt at building a mobile OS, code-named “Boot to Gecko.” We saw a screenshot of the OS earlier today, with a whole lot of similarities to the iOS interface. You can’t actually buy a phone with the OS on it yet, but if […]

Mozilla Wants To Make A Firefox Mobile OS, Will Enter The Market In 2013


Mozilla announced on their official blog today that they’re making serious preparations for a Firefox mobile OS. They have a hardware partner on board to make phones for them, and several worldwide mobile carriers backing them. The OS itself will try to follow in the Firefox browser’s footsteps, with a fully open code base built […]

Mozilla Launches A HTML5 Browser Adventure Game Called ‘BrowserQuest’ That Is Playable On iOS


Steve Jobs envisioned the future of the web to be HTML 5, so much so that he decided not to support flash on Apple’s iOS devices. Although there was a lot of uproar by Adobe and even the public at this decision, Jobs seems to have been right. HTML 5 is ever-expanding and seems to be […]

iTether Unlimited Tethering App Returns To The iOS In HTML5 Form


The only way to get unlimited tethering on your iPhone was to subscribe to one of those expensive plans that carriers provided (which, in reality were not unlimited). Tethering lets you share your iPhone’s 3G data connection with your PC, other iOS devices and your Mac computer. The iTether app, strangely, was the only app of […]