iTether Unlimited Tethering App Returns To The iOS In HTML5 Form


The only way to get unlimited tethering on your iPhone was to subscribe to one of those expensive plans that carriers provided (which, in reality were not unlimited). Tethering lets you share your iPhone’s 3G data connection with your PC, other iOS devices and your Mac computer. The iTether app, strangely, was the only app of […]

How To Play Cut The Rope Online On Mac OS X And Windows


Cut the Rope is a very challenging and brain teasing game for iOS and Android devices. We’re sure that you may have enjoyed it on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, but now, you can also enjoy it on your browser. The game has been downloaded about 70 million times and is very popular among […]

Learn How to Enable Flash on a Non-Jailbroken iDevice! [iOSFlashVideo Tutorial]


It is no doubt that over the past few months, many tweaks/apps have been released to enable flash viewing on your iDevice. These include 3rd party tweaks like frash, and even an app in the official Apple Store called Skyfire. All of these tweaks/apps share one purpose  – enabling users to view flash content on […]